On Valentines Day, we are focused on Love…

On Valentines Day, we are focused on Love... 1

On Valentines Day, we are focused on Love

Did you know… Love is Light… and Light is Love? In every religious & spiritual docturine, Light and Love are used interchangeably.What is the “Pillar of Light/Love”?
We find the “Pillar of Light/Love” on the left little finger. This finger deals with the Pure, Unconditional Love for one-self and others, the beginning of the “Life Program”… the breath-in, as well as the planetary symbol of the Sun, astrologically Leo, in the Tree of Life it symbolizes Tepereth (The Crown of the Body) as well as the Ego Center (the Power Cell of the Body) in the Chakra system.

Within the energy structure of this finger, we find channels for the Small Intestines (and hence the Belly Brain / Ileum), Lymph Band 2 (the lung & bronchials, the mammary glands/chest region), the eyes, blood as well as the heart, and the “vital” force of the person and the prenatal time. In the Esogetics 4+1 Disease Pot model, we see it as Neutral Fire (Liver/Gallbladder) and the goal is the “Unfolding of ones self-worth and big heartedness”  and the color symbolism for “Love” is Rose & Red.
From a Holistic standpoint, everything first manifests in the spiritual or energy level and eventually is created within the physical matter of the being (the body), and seeing that this the “breath-in”… it is crucial for these energies to be free of blockages and open to allow for the positive, forward movement, to be created. Aggressions and conflicts can build up in this area blocking this vital life force from coming into the being at its fullest, and hence weakening the being through dis-eases, etc.
On Valentines Day, we are focused on Love... 2


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