Acid Reflux / Ulcers from a Spiritual standpoint

Acid Reflux / Ulcers from a Spiritual standpoint 1

by: SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT
March 22, 2011
Published: Edge Magazine, July 2011, http://www.edgemagazine.net/2011/07/acid-reflux-ulcers-from-a-spiritual-standpoint/


Every great healer like Osho, Buddha and even Jesus has stated that all dis-ease comes from or manifests from a dis-function or distortion within the spiritual state of the individual… we see this as being true time and time again, and Acid Reflux and Ulcers are no exception. It also stands to reason based on that belief, that to truly fix it, you must resolve the spiritual state of the individual.

There is a wide range of allopathic pharmaceutical drugs available on the market to treat this like, Dexilant, Nexium, Prevacid, Zantac, Aciphex, Pepcid, Prilosec, Carafate, and the list goes on. Though, these only treat the physical symptoms for the spiritual causality… and many times, from what clients and friends have told me, only offer temporary relief to symptoms, and often times, will cause other issues.


So, what is this “spiritual” reasoning, or causality, behind Acid Reflux / Ulcers? It all boils down to… Conflict.

Conflict is much more than just two or more people fighting, and according to a holistic standpoint, the stomach energy (chi or qi) is what gives the energy to process, or digests, the conflicts within ones life. It is believed from this mind, body, spirit standpoint; that without the energy to process conflict, there creates a backlog through all the systems, and eventually filters into the gross matter, aka the body, causing a physical manifestation of this spiritual disorientation and in the beginning stages we see things like acid reflux, ulcers, constipation (not being able to let go), and potentially, well, everything! Eventually, it is believed that long-standing conflicts will later manifest into more series disorders and dis-eases, like cancer or HIV/AIDS. By the time the conflicts have manifested in the body as things like cancer or HIV/AIDS, it is believed that the body (mind and spirit) has been telling you for a very, very long time beforehand that something is not right. The physical pains caused by these conflicts according to Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German physician, is the cellular response stating it doesn’t have enough energy to accomplish the task(s) ahead.


So, how do you start re-processing these spiritual conflicts? How do I work with something I can’t touch or feel? Do I just need to talk it out? Maybe throw some plates? Am I doomed?


Let’s answer these in reverse order: No, you’re not doomed… will throwing plates help, maybe… will talk therapy help, sometimes (though it works from the mental level, not all three levels of mind, body, spirit)… How do I work with something I cannot touch, feel, taste, hold, etc, energy healing/medicine that is [believed] to work on all of these levels. Some therapy systems that can be very helpful in this: Esogetics [Colorpuncture / Color Sound Therapy / Crystal Therapies]AcupunctureMyofascial Release therapyReikiEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), as well as many others.


Each of the modalities above are of great value when it comes to releasing of “Spiritual Conflict”. For example, in Esogetics (which comprises of over 200 modalities), the entire focus is on the term “Conflict” as well as the manifestation within the Energy – Information – Matter fields, aka Spirit – Mind – Body. There are specific audio therapies, Colorpuncture therapies, and Crystal therapies… prenatal therapies… Bardo therapies…. Karma therapies… and more… all of which address this idea of “Spiritual Conflict” or dis-organization. Esogetics also offers some fantastic at-home therapies like the “Conflict Resolution Audio therapy set”.


So, what are you waiting for? Are you conflicted in releasing the spiritual conflict?

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