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September 2011 News from Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness 1
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September News

Yesod: In the “Tree of Life” or “Tree of Light” is the 9th Sephereth. Yesod talks about the ‘film of life’, creativity, productivity and the feminine. It is symbolized by the Moon, and shows physically in the endocrine hormonal balance and partnership.

In this Issue:
Sympotoms of the Season
• Late Summer / Stomach-Spleen
• Autumn / Lung-Colon

Esogetics Foot Reflexology

Holistic Sunday’s

“On the Edge” with SchaOn

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September 2011 News

from Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness

Autumn is just around the corner, cooler tempuratures, the plants start to bring more focus to their roots and falling leaves allowing for a stronger growth in the following year… and with it fall allergies and the start of the cold and flu season. Currently we are moving (according to Chinese Naturopathic Philosophy) through the Stomach and Spleen organs and soon will be into the Lung and Colon time.

During the Stomach and Spleen time of the year (late summer), we often see that many people, when there is imbalance, have a harder time of the cells detoxing, craving sweets and having muscle aches (probably due to the cells having a hard time detoxing) as well as issues with the knees, teeth, skeletal system blood and the skin. Psychologically we are focused on Understanding, though if we do not understand, we worry. Symbolically, it is about receiving from the energies above… as well as from the body. The colors of this time are Light Green and Crimson. The Planetary Ruler is Saturn, and astrologically Capricorn.

As we start to transition into the Autumn season, we move into the Lung and Colon function circle, and with this we start to see more digestive concerns (constipation), colds, issues with allergies and breathing, angina, issues with the tonsils, ears, kidney and bladder, pH balance of the blood, pain in the pelvis, continuing issues with the skin and spine (specifically neck spasms & tension and lumbar spine). Psychologically, this time is about your Sensuality & Eternity, searching for love, being able to give and recieve freely, though when we are out of touch with this, we see grief, self-centeredness and a deep longing or yearning for something unknown to the individual, rootedness, possessiveness, melancholgy and eventually becoming isolated. Symbolically it is about the Feminine nature and the Childhood Consciouness, Desires and Instinctive Love. The colors of this time are Light Green and Yellow. The Planetary Ruler is Venus (think about the Greek goddess Aphrodite) and astrologically Taurus & Libra.

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Esogetics Foot Reflexology

Reflexology through Color & Light is a quick, gentle and relaxing way to help de-stress, and strengthen the system. New therapies recently outline several therapies to help boost the immune system, release tension around the spine, encourage abundance in a persons life and much more! This is also a fantastic option if you have troubles grounding as it will help to pull the spiritual information into the gross matter of the body.

A 30-minute Esogetics Foot Reflexology only session is $40.

Holistic Sunday's @ the Nicollet Coffee House

Holistic Sunday’s

Come meet and experience 10 of the best Natural Wellness Practitioners and Psychic/Readers from the Twin Cities! For this event, we’ve made a special arrangement with all of the vendors to offer their services at an extremely affordable price, $1 per minute for any service! Admission is FREE! (products range in pricing and not subject to the $1/minute…)
Occurs 2nd and 4th Sundays of every Month
Where / Hosted by:
1931 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404 map
Admission is Free! ALL Services are $1/minute
"On the Edge" w/ SchaOn: Holistic Sunday's... 2nd Sunday of each month

Edge Holistic Sundays with SchaOn

“Get yourself Fixed” through Natural, Holistic options! Join us as we broadcast LIVE from The Nicollet’s Holistic Sunday’s event! Get a preview of the day’s activities before the event as the practitioners set up for that days Holistic Sunday’s “Get yourself Fixed!” event. Allow yourself to Relax! ReNew! & Rejuvenate! Then, come down after the show and join us in-person from Noon to 6 PM.
Listen live on September 11th from 11 AM to Noon …All live from The Nicollet, 1931 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

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