De-stress, and even rejuvenate, during the busy Holiday Season

De-stress, and even rejuvenate, during the busy Holiday Season 1

De-stress, and even rejuvenate, during the busy Holiday Season

by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT
Everyone knows all too well the stress of the holiday season, the running from one family gathering to the next, having to prepare food to bring to each event, going and purchasing gifts at crowded stores and shopping centers, work load increasing because of holiday vacations… and this season, there is the added stressor for many people of not having the finances to do the holiday things they have done in the past, or to pay the increase in heating costs, and the list goes on and on.
There are some simple, cost-effect ways to help with this stress of the holiday season, or in any time of year.

From a holistic standpoint, the energy of the Liver is critical in dealing with stress and emotions, as well as it helps to keep the immune system strong. The Liver Chi (qi) helps in processing the harder emotions, like anger, fear and anxiety. Unprocessed, these emotions are believed to express themselves in other, more harmful ways.

Herbs, teas and supplements for the liver chi can be a fantastic way of supporting your health needs, though what if you don’t like drinking tea or taking herbs/supplements? Are there other options? Yes! Doing what is called a “Moist-Heat Liver Pack” is a potent choice. You can even do this if you are drinking Liver teas or taking herbs for the liver.
How to do the Moist-Heat Liver pack
  1. Take a Hot Water bottle and fill this with Hot Water (not too hot, not too warm, but what is comfortable for you, though keep in mind, it must stay warm for about 30 minutes – normally most people find that the temperature that they run their bath water at is good). Electric heat and rice packs do not provide the same effect from what I have seen.
  2. Next, take a wash cloth or small towel and get it moist (not dripping wet) with hot water as well.
  3. Place the moist wash cloth over your liver area, then on top of that the Hot Water bottle, and then on top of that, a dry towel.
  4. Leave it there for about 30 minutes. You can watch TV, read a book, or anything relaxing you enjoy doing.
  5. Do this every night for a minimum of 30 nights. I normally tell people to do this in the evening before going to bed as it makes most people drowsy. After about 3 to 7 days, you should notice that you are starting to have more energy, feel less stressed out, and that your bowel movements are ‘stinkier.’ This is when you know it is really starting to work.
Zone of Life Force


De-stress, and even rejuvenate, during the busy Holiday Season 2
Another fast and easy thing you can do to help get you going in the morning is what we call in Colorpuncture, “The Zone of Force.” This point is great for lack of mental strength, lack of decision, emotional exhaustion and more.
To apply this, simply take an orange colored light (non-laser) and apply it to the center of your palm, left hand first, then right hand for 20 to 30 seconds each. This can be done every morning.
Lastly, I have seen time and time again that when you have committed yourself to go somewhere or to do something, people are more likely to follow through with it. Commit today to take a moment to keep yourself healthy and balanced for all the other commitments you have made…
As always, make sure to take time to see your Holistic Health Practitioner; attend a yoga class or meditation circle, get a massage, have an AcupunctureChiropractic or Colorpuncture session, see your herbalistor nutritionist, have a crystal or energy healing session, or any of the hundreds of  modalities available here in the Midwest. Remember, many of these practitioners offer Gift Certificates. These make fantastic gifts. This holiday season help to open the ones you love and care about to the many benefits of Natural, Holistic Health options. They will be excited when they receive the gift because the entire time they have been wondering why you are less stressed out than they are!
Need help finding a service or practitioner in your area? Check out The Edge Wellness Directory.Published in the December 2011 The Edge Magazine
Read the full article here: http://edgemagazine.net/2011/12/de-stress-and-rejuvenate/

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