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Esogetics I-Ching/Ging Therapies

December 1-4: SchaOn will be in class from December 1st thru the 4th learning the new Esogetics I-Ching therapies! This is the first time they will be taught in America, and one of the newest systems from the Mandel Institute in Germany! During this training, there will also be an update training about additional new breakthroughs that Esogetics has come out with from the last few years!

More about the Esogetics I-Ching therapies
“The concept of change which has given the I CHING it’s name reminds us of the aphorism pantra rei “everything flows” used by Heraclitus around 500BC. To the Chinese the two principles, movement and the unchanging law governing it are one; they know neither kernal nor husk-heart and mind function together undivided.”

Thus I CHING is a powerful ancient system of symbolic wisdom very useful for treating the concept of Conflict and the resultant stasis of opposites that lies behind deep illness. Peter Mandel has connected the 64 Hexagrams to the 64 strands of the DNA. We know that through the subatomic interference patterns our Gut brains make contact with the information flow in the Chaos fields of the DNA.
The treatments contained in this class are used for working with therapy resistant diseases and also for anyone interested in making a deeper connection with themselves. They use the Grey rods which, as we know open the blind spots on the physical and the mental levels. By placing the I CHING symbols on the body we activate the inherent knowledge they contain of a coherent idea of the cosmos and we use the Grey rods to clear any blocks to reestablish this connection.

December 2011 News

from Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness


This month of December:

  • Article: De-stress, and even rejuvenate, during the busy Holiday Season
  • At-Home Self-Care Therapy: Immune Boosting II (basic therapy)
  • New Therapies will be available! The Esogetics IChing therapies
  • Natural Wellness & Psychic Faire :: Lighting the Hope within ~at The Nicollet, December 11th
  • Cold Relief with the Esogetics Relax Oil
  • BodyTalk Access
  • Eatting Popcorn for Better Health

De-stress, and even rejuvenate, during the busy Holiday Season

Zone of Life Force

by SchaOn Blodgett: Everyone knows all too well the stress of the holiday season, the running from one family gathering to the next, having to prepare food to bring to each event, going and purchasing gifts at crowded stores and shopping centers, work load increasing because of holiday vacations… and this season, there is the added stressor for many people of not having the finances to do the holiday things they have done in the past, or to pay the increase in heating costs, and the list goes on and on.
There are some simple, cost-effect ways to help with this stress of the holiday season, or in any time of year.
From a holistic standpoint, the energy of the Liver is critical in dealing with stress and emotions, as well as it helps to keep the immune system strong. The Liver Chi (qi) helps in processing the harder emotions, like anger, fear and anxiety. Unprocessed, these emotions are believed to express themselves in other, more harmful ways.

Read the full article


At-Home Self-Care Therapy: Immune Boosting II (basic)

Immune Boosting IIProtocol:
Point 1 and 2 : 1 handwidth above Liv13 (Liv13=tip of first floating rib)
Color: yellow on the right, left purple
Duration: 1 minute per point
Start with the yellow radiating to the right and then radiate to the left with the purple
one or more times a day (no more than 3 times per day)
One of the best simple therapies to rebalance the immune system. This system maintains the body’s defenses. If overworked, then we just get sick more easily, and we can also see allergies or eczema. The daily therapy puts defenses in good balance. It is also useful as a preventative.
Natural Wellness Expo & Psychic Faire

Natural Wellness Expo & Psychic Faire

Sunday, December 11, 2011 from Noon to 6 PM

Come meet and experience some of the best Natural Wellness Practitioners and Psychic/Readers from the Twin Cities! For this event, we’ve made a special arrangement with all of the vendors to offer their services at an extremely affordable price, $1 per minute for any service! Admission is FREE! (products range in pricing and not subject to the $1/minute…)
All services $1/minute! Admission is Free! Noon to 6pm the 2nd Sunday of each month at The Nicollet, 1931 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis.More info on the Natural Wellness Expo

Esogetics Relax Oil for Colds

Cold Relief

With the Esogetics Relax Oil the points and zones shown on page 16 of the Esogetics Relax Dream Zone Manualshould be massaged vigorously with Esogetic Herbal Oil. For inhalation purposes, sprinkle five drops onto a handkerchief or into a bowl of hot water.

The Esogetics Relax oil is available for purchase in the office for $39, and normally lasts about 3-6 months with daily use.

December Wellness News 4

Eatting Popcorn

for Better Health: Studies show that eatting popcorn helps keep digestion healthy, increases the ability of the body to produce serotonin (90-95% is produced within the gut), helps with the sleep cycle as well as helps to keep the immune system healthy.

BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Access™

Last month, SchaOn acquired additional training in a new modality called “BodyTalk” and is now offering BodyTalk Access, Chakra Balancings and more with this system!

BodyTalk Access helps to re-establish internal lines of communication within the bodymind. This ultimately helps the individual have more resiliency towards stress and any other factors that can be detrimental to long term health.

Schedule BodyTalk Access Session

Computer Repair & Service needs?

Computer Repairs & Service

The other side of our company, Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul offers affordable computer repair services. Check them out today at http://tech.psinergy.info or call (612) 234-7237.

We offer services for Mac & PC, guaranty our work, and have a friendly, knowledgeable staff 🙂 Check us out today athttp://tech.psinergy.info

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