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Events this week with Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness


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De-stress, and even rejuvenate, during the busy holiday season

De-stress, and even rejuvenate, during the busy Holiday Season

by SchaOn Blodgett: Everyone knows all too well the stress of the holiday season, the running from one family gathering to the next, having to prepare food to bring to each event, going and purchasing gifts at crowded stores and shopping centers, work load increasing because of holiday vacations… and this season, there is the added stressor for many people of not having the finances to do the holiday things they have done in the past, or to pay the increase in heating costs, and the list goes on and on.
There are some simple, cost-effect ways to help with this stress of the holiday season, or in any time of year.

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Events this week with Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness

This is a busy time of year, going here, going there… though, don’t forget to take time for yourself to relax, renew and rejuvenate.

We offer a wide variety of things to help you deal with the stress. Some of the fantastic options we offer for releasing stress include:

Second office for Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness

We are very happy to announce that we have now opened a second office for seeing clients! SchaOn is now able to see clients at Magus Books & Herbs in Dinkytown on Tuesday afternoons and evenings and Friday evenings! Currently, one hour sessions are $65 at this location, and 30 minute sessions are $40. These rates will go up in February 2012 to being $80 for a 1 hour and $50 for a 30 minute session. Please keep in mind that Magus does not have the Kirlian Photography services at this time.

Upcoming Pricing Changes

Every so often we take a look at our pricing structure for services, what we need to pay our bills, upcoming classes, supplies and tools need in the coming future, completed classes, etc… basic budgeting stuff. Originally, for our holistic health services we were charging $65 to $100, though as we saw the economy taking a nose dive further and further, we decided to lower our prices for our clients to our current rates (for awhile, it was pure sliding-fee, though we found that was very complicated for people to understand, so then we switched back to flat-fees again).

Due to SchaOn completing several additional classes to better help his clients, as well as increases to various prices in our economy, we do need to raise our prices.

Starting in February 2012, we have decided that we will start charge $80 for a one hour session and $50 for a 30 minute session. Any sessions that are booked before January 31st, 2012 will have the old rates (so, if you book on January 31st for February 2nd, it will be the old pricing structure).

Cold Relief

With the Esogetics Relax Oil the points and zones shown on page 16 of the Esogetics Relax Dream Zone Manual should be massaged vigorously with Esogetic Herbal Oil. For inhalation purposes, sprinkle five drops onto a handkerchief or into a bowl of hot water.

The Esogetics Relax oil is available for purchase in the office for $39, and normally lasts about 3-6 months with daily use.

Super Service Award 2011

Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul

The other side of our company, Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul received the prestigous award for Super Service in 2011 from Angie’s List last week! Read more about it on their blog at:

Eatting Popcorn for Better Health:

Studies show that eatting popcorn helps keep digestion healthy, increases the ability of the body to produce serotonin (90-95% is produced within the gut), helps with the sleep cycle as well as helps to keep the immune system healthy.

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