Light in the Mainstream – “Get thicker, healthier hair with iGrow”

Light in the Mainstream – “Get thicker, healthier hair with iGrow” It is GREAT to see uses for light for a wide variety of concerns hitting the mainstream! A word of caution though… over doing something can have negative effects. Do you remember reading out the Red/Blue light thing that[...]

Driven to Succeed, Committed to Community, A Reliable and Trusted Business

Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness is super excited to announce that we have received the “Top Merchant” Award from MerchantCircle.com this year! Business who win this award are driven to succeed, yet committed to the community, and are a reliable and trusted business.

Baking Soda, Cancer & Fungus

  Baking Soda, Cancer & Fungus Baking soda is talked about a lot with helping to make your body go from an acidic state to a more alkiline state. Normal pH of the body ranges in regards to what part of the body you are talking about. Skin should be[...]

Listen to the Voice of your Heart :: Create Compromise and release Aggression

  We offer Esogetics & BodyTalk Access therapies in-office including: Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relays, Infra-Red, Induction, Crystals, I Ching, Dream, Karma & Bardo, Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, Tongue Analysis, Iridology, and more! Phone: (612) 217-HEAL / (612) 217-4325 Schedule: www.psinergy.info/schedule Friend on Facebook Follow on Twitter Forward to a Friend Gevura Gevura / Discrimination[...]

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