Light in the Mainstream – “Get thicker, healthier hair with iGrow”

Light in the Mainstream – “Get thicker, healthier hair with iGrow”

Light in the Mainstream - "Get thicker, healthier hair with iGrow" 1

It is GREAT to see uses for light for a wide variety of concerns hitting the mainstream!

A word of caution though… over doing something can have negative effects. Do you remember reading out the Red/Blue light thing that helped relieve pain that sometimes burned people and left a waffle shape scar?

Either way… we are happy to see this fantastic innovation hitting the market (we are hoping they are being more cautious with this product), and this product, just from a quick look, does seem like it may have some benefits, not just for hair re-growth, but more.

Honestly, I would like to see what the other benefits are as this is concentrated (from what I can tell from the picture), on the Skull Somatotopy, which deals with the various organs, the spine, joints and much more 🙂 For example, we have seen that the color red penetrates into the body deeply as the wavelength is wider, and hence able to go around the cells easier. Red is used in all cases of low or inadequate blood supply, it is the color of the heart, lungs, and muscles. It raises the blood pressure as well as the breath frequency, enhances circulation and is used for treating puss-free wounds and inflammation, skin diseases, chronic coughs, asthma, inflammation of the throat, anemia and herpes. Red also makes a person talkative, more animated, happy, eager and passionate.

For more information, check out the article in the Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/article/get-thicker-healthier-hair-with-igrow

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