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December News: Release Stress during the Holiday Season

We specialize in helping business
professionals who want to either stay healthy, or become truly
healthy, that struggle with
a mountain of stress
We have a simple, relaxing system that can help bring back your
youthful and playful-side, allowing you to enjoy your life
again, while still performing at the top of your game.(612) 217-HEAL / 612-217-4325

The Busy Holiday Season…


In this update:

  • Article
    in Natural Awakenings:
    and even Rejuvenate, during the Busy
    Holiday Season
  • Discounts on Gift
     & Polarity
  • Dream Zones for
    Inner-Direction (Subconscious, Cramp,
    Partnership & Memory)
  • Meaning of Colors: Red & Green
  • Important Update

    “Santa’s Workshop”

  • New Wedding
    Fair Expo
    Dec 6th
  • New Holiday
    Open House
    Dec 15th
  • Start the New Year out right with Transmitters
  • Monthly Membership for
    Families & Individuals

De-Stress, and even Rejuvenate, during the
Busy Holiday Season

by SchaOn Blodgett, published in Natural
, Dec 2012

knows all too well the stress of the
holiday season, running from one family
gathering to the next, having to prepare
food to bring to each event, going out
to purchase gifts at crowded stores and
shopping centers, dealing with increased
work loads because of holiday vacations.
This season, there is the added stressor
for many people of not having the
finances to do the holiday things they
have done in the past, or to pay the
increase in heating costs, and the list
goes on.
There are some simple, cost-effect ways
to help with stress during the holiday
season, or any time of year. From a
holistic standpoint, the energy of the
liver is critical in dealing with stress
and emotions, and it helps to keep the
immune system strong. The liver chi (qi)
helps in processing the harder emotions,
such as anger, fear and anxiety.
Unprocessed, these emotions are believed
to express themselves in other, more
harmful ways.
Read the Full Article in this months
Natural Awakenings 

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Holiday Special: 20% off Gift
the Gift of Health this Holiday

you purchase a Gift Certificate for
anyone, get 20% off and when you do
we will gift you a Free
Drop-In Sound therapy of your

Discount code: “GiveTheGiftOfHealth
To purchase, go to and
click “Give the Gift of Health”
then click “Promotion Code”.
After the purchase goes through,
I will manually add to your
account the Free Drop-In Sound
therapy session.
After purchasing, you will get a
‘plain’ gift certificate in your
email… though, we will also
mail you a ‘prettier’ version
(or call and let me know that
you want to pick it up in
*Discount may not be applied
to any other specials or
discounts. Gift certificate must
be used within 5 years from date
of purchase. Free Drop-In Sound
therapy must be used within 1
year of purchase. Discount
expires 12/24/2012.

Polarity Therapy Special

Polarity Therapy
a powerful and
relaxing, balancing
therapy for the
Mind, Body, and
Schedule a session
now and get 10% off
your appointment!
Promo Code: “WholeBalance”
+10% off Valid
through 12/14/2012

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Santa’s Workshop

(Important Update)

In our previous newsletter,
we stated that we would be
vendors at the December
‘Santa’s Workshop’ expo by
Enlightened Guidance.
Psinergy Natural Health &
Holistic Wellness will NOT be
attending Moonlight &
Magic’s ‘Santa’s Workshop’
by Enlightened Guidance.


Holiday Open House

December 15th
12 Noon to 4 PM
Come on in, get a Free
Kirlian Photograph, talk
with Holistic Health
Professionals, and
experience a powerfully
relaxing sound therapy.
Bring a friend & get a
Gift Certificate for a
‘Drop-in Sound therapy’
Learn about /
  • Esogetics: Light,
    Sound & Crystal
  • Polarity Therapies
  • Esogetics Kirlian
    Energy Emission Analysis

*Other select, local
business will also be at
the Open House.

Psinergy Natural Health
& Holistic Wellness
821 Raymond Ave., Ste.
(Baker Court
Professional Bldg)
Saint Paul, MN 55114 (map/directions)

Monthly Memberships

We are now offering 2 Levels of
Monthly Memberships.

  • Individual Membership
    +incl. 1-60 minute session every
    +3 Drop-In Sound Therapy
    +20% off additional appts in the
    +10% off classes,
    +Free Group Sessions,
    +other discounts!
  • Family Memberships (or)
    Premium Individual Membership
    +incl. 4-60 minute sessions
    every month,
    +12 Drop-In Sound Therapy
    +20% off additional appts in the
    +10% off classes,
    +Free Group Sessions,
    +other discounts!

Enroll Today

Dream Zones for

The zones of Inner-Direction
promotes insight into
onesself.These 4 zones – Partnership
and Memory, Subconscious and
Cramp, when stimulated in
order, can be a very
transformative at-home
therapy. The rubbing of
these area can strengthen
direction-pointing dreams
(great to use right before
the New Year / Winter

For detailed instructions,
go to theadditional
excerpt from the Dream Disk
read from pages 114 to 118
(in the PDF they are pages
12 to 16)


The Meaning of Colors


Red penetrates into the body
deeply as the wavelength is
wider, and hence able to go
around the cells easier. Red
is used in all cases of low
or inadequate blood supply,
it is the color of the
heart, lungs, and muscles.
It raises the blood pressure
as well as the breath
frequency, enhances
circulation and is used for
treating puss-free wounds
and inflammation, skin
diseases, chronic coughs,
asthma, inflammation of the
throat, anemia and herpes.
Red also makes a person
talkative, more animated,
happy, eager and passionate.
Green –
Green is a neutralizing
color. We utilize this color
to work on metabolism
issues, diabetic responses,
chronic diseases, ulcers,
cysts, and eye disorders.
Green has a harmonizing and
balancing effect, and brings
contentment, sedates and

Wedding Fair at Hidden Harbor Marina

You are invited to this
Wedding Fair!
out this large, beautiful
banquet and reception hall as a
great location for your upcoming
event!Enjoy a complimentary glass of
wine while you explore the 30+
exhibitors offering you many
creative ideas for planning your
wedding. Boutique, fashion and
healthy planet exhibitors will
also be there for you to enjoy! Plus
a LOT of great door prizes!

Hidden Harbor Marina
388 9th Ave West
St Paul Park, MN 55071 (map/directions)
Thursday, December 6
from 5 – 8pm

Start the New Year right
with Transmitters

The Transmitter Relays (also
called the “Watchman of the
a specific segment of
therapies within the
Esogetics system that
specifically deal with the
life lessons or life
patterns that have been
created, and hence what will
be created based on
previously experienced life
patterns (conflicts). The
therapy of the Transmitter
Relays is one possibility
for soul transformation. The
transmitter relays, if done
in its entirety, are done
over 12 weeks (1
session/week), though a
shorter segment of 6
sessions is possible by only
going through the first 4

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