Article in the Edge: “What our pain tells us — and the stress it causes”

Article in the Edge: "What our pain tells us — and the stress it causes" 1


Article in the Edge: "What our pain tells us — and the stress it causes" 2
Yaaaa! SchaOn has a Featured Article published in this month’s Edge Magazine! The February edition of the Edge is talking about Stress and how you can over come that to allow more of your awesome self shine through!

My article is talking about “What our Pain Tells us – and the Stress it Causes“. This is a very good article to read because it helps you to start looking at how your stress is manifesting within your body – how it is linked and the causal chain of the dis-ease/dis-comfort, and when you have those two pieces of information, it gives you a place to start from – as a place to start often times is tough to find when we are stressed and burnt-out.

Taking the article to the next step would be to Ask Yourself a question about the pain. For example, we talk about in the article, with neck pain being about inflexible thinking, you can ask yourself: “How can I be more flexible in my thinking and release my pain in my neck?”. Keep asking yourself this, as the Universe will start to set the stage to show you how you can be more flexible in your thinking, though be aware, at first, you will hesitate in wanting to be flexible in your thoughts, keep asking yourself, and the Universe will keep presenting you with opportunities to become more flexible, and in turn, the Spiritual cause starts to unravel, which then will come into your mental-emotional state, and eventually will manifest into your physical reality, aka the body. Another way to word this question would be to say “Why is it so easy to be flexible in my thinking and thoughts so I can release my pain in my neck?”

Read the full article at http://edgemagazine.net/2013/02/pain/. Feel free to share your thoughts and your journey.

Love and Light + Have a Blessed Day = Allowing your Destiny Unfold in front of you

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