Awesome Article about Collaboration and Unity


Awesome Article about Collaboration and Unity 1

This is another moving article in the February edition of the Edge Magazine, and so I feel I need to share it. This article is about 3 Psychics that came together to form a group called “Psychics in the Cities”.

These 3 are a great example of what we need to see in our world. The statement “…(our collaboration) is one thing that we really like to push forward. That does make us unique right now, but not for long”, is so true. I am already seeing more and more of that happening in 2013. And even though we have talked about it in-depth for years now… the action IS happening now!

Thank you Kayla Wright, Judie Randall and Debra Battenfeld for being a Shining example of what the world needs and is going towards 🙂

Take a moment and read this moving pieced, “The Power of 3: An interview with Psychics in the Cities


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