In like a Lion! *RaWr* …a March Update

We specialize in helping business
professionals who want to either stay healthy, or become truly
healthy, that struggle with
a mountain of stress
We have a simple, relaxing system that can help bring back your
youthful and playful side, allowing you to enjoy your life again,
while still performing at the top of your game.

(612) 217-HEAL / 612-217-4325

In like a Lion! *RaWr* ...a March Update 1

In like a
Lion! *RaWr*

…a March Update

this update:

  • In like a Lion! *RaWr* ...a March Update 2This
    : 4-Weeks of Wholeness
    starts with Psychosomatic Balance!
  • Expos in March (updated): More
    Awesome Expos, Expert Panels & more!
  • Radio: New Episode
    this Sunday & MN’s GMO Law
  • $35 Saturday’s: $35
    Saturday’s extended!
  • New Training: Grey
    Crystal Therapies
  • New Hours: Extending
  • Meaning of Colors:
  • Monthly Memberships for
    Families, Individuals & New Transmitter
    Relay 3-month Membership
  • Has your Computer gone Crazy: Early
    March Madness deal from Psinergy TechWarrior
    St. Paul ends
    on March 8th!
  • Next Newsletter Preview: Spring
    has Sprung… what does that hint about your

4-Weeks to
Wholeness Series

We are continuing our Sound Therapy
journey this month with the 4-Weeks
to Wholeness. Drop in for just one,
or all 4.

In like a Lion! *RaWr* ...a March Update 3Over
a 4 week period, we will focus
on the Body (Matter), Mind
(Information), and Soul
(Energy), and realigning into a
wholeness of these 3 aspects of
our being through Esogetics
Sound Therapies and Meditation.
This program is designed to
activate and optimize brain,
body and spirit functions, and
help to bring in the “Bardo”
information, open Kundalini
energy & more!
Cost: $10 (Free for Members)
Weekly Meditation Focus:
  • 3/8 – First Week of the
    Month = Brain Harmonizing /
    Psychosomatic Balance (GREAT
    Stress Releaser)
  • 3/15 – Second Week of the
    Month = Mind / Information
    (Sensibility / Perception and
  • 3/22 – Third Week of the
    Month = Body / Matter
    (Elimination and Detoxification
    / Activation of Cellular
  • 3/29 – Fourth Week of the
    Month = Spirit / Energy
    (Sensitivity / Feeling and
What is “Psychosomatic
The strains of everyday life,
which commonly express
themselves in a feeling of
“being overwhelmed,” can easily
imbalance us, and can lead to
massive bodily and/or psychic
problems. Through this
color-sound therapy, the
necessary regulating mechanisms
in the body and psyche are
stimulated and strengthened,
without undesired side effects.
The Psychosomatic Balance has
particularly demonstrated its
effectiveness in demanding
circumstances, at school, at
work, and in the family; with
spiritual conflicts, aggravation
and the hectic rush, as well as
with sensory overload.
*As always, these statements (or any
other in our newsletters, etc), have not
been evaluated by the FDA. This is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease.

March is
a Month for Expos!

In like a Lion! *RaWr* ...a March Update 4

March is a very busy month when it comes to
expos, and a great time to start coming out
of the cocoon of Winter. Here are some expos
going on around the Twin Cities:

  • Paganicon
    , March 15th-17th
    A three-day conference for people on
    mystical, Pagan, nature-centered or other
    like-minded spiritual paths. Briana will be
    at this event all weekend long, so go visit
    her at the Summerland
    Spirit Fest

  • Body Mind Life Expo
     & Expert Panels
    March 16th-17th
    Saturday 10 AM-7 PM, Sunday 10 AM-5 PM
    Andre and I will also be at this expo with
    the Edge Magazine!Expert Panels both days! Saturday
    from 3:45 to 4:45 PM is “The Leading Edge in
    Alternative & Complementary Medicine” and
    Sunday from 3:15 to 4:15 PM is “Chronic
    Issues: What is my body telling me?”

    Get your Free
    Ticket for the Body Mind Life Expo

  • PhotoShoot Expo
    , March 21st, 4-8 PM
    (Free Admission)

    1501 Central Parkway
    Eagan, MN 55121   (map)
In like a Lion! *RaWr* ...a March Update 5Sunday, March 10th, 7 to
9 PM

This months topics: Spring,
New Beginnings, MN GMO Bill & MN
Right to Know, Body Mind Life
Expo, Beyond Conspiracy, Farmers
and the USDA Court Issues, Food
Safety & Soft-Ripened Raw Milk
Cheeses, and much more!

Listen Live / Get Podcasts

Join us the 2nd Sunday of each
month from 7 PM to 9 PM CST as
we talk about the latest news
and updates in Holistic
Healthcare, review of Products &
Services for your Health &
Well-being of the Mind Body and
Soul, vitamins & minerals, talk
about Conspiracies, or maybe
even talk about UFO’s, crystal
skulls & more!

So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or
some hemp/almond milk, ask us
questions live in the chat room,
or even call us live on air and
join in on the fun!

$35 Saturday’s

$35 Holistic Health Saturday's
a 1-hour appointment for $35 on
any Saturday through the end of
March 2013.

In this session, you get the
same fantastic therapies in the
Overall Wellness Services:

1 to 2 therapies are done in the
60 minute Session, as well as
before and after Kirlian photos.
At-Home treatments (aka
homework) may also be
encouraged, which help to speed
up treatment, and decrease the
overall cost of therapy.

(Initial Clients get a 90 minute
session for $44)


Schedule a Saturday Session

In like a Lion! *RaWr* ...a March Update 6

The Meaning of Colors


Green –
Green is a neutralizing color.
We utilize this color to work on
metabolism issues, diabetic
responses, chronic diseases,
ulcers, cysts, and eye
disorders. Green has a
harmonizing and balancing
effect, and brings contentment,
sedates and relaxes..

Monthly Memberships

We are now offering 2 Levels of Monthly
Memberships, as well as a comprehensive
Multi-Month therapy protocol.

  • Individual Membership,$89/month
    +incl. 1-60 minute session every
    +3 Drop-In Sound Therapy sessions,
    +20% off additional appts in the
    +10% off classes,
    +Free Group Sessions,
    +other discounts!
  • Family Memberships (or)
    Premium Individual
    +incl. 4-60 minute sessions every
    +12 Drop-In Sound Therapy sessions,
    +20% off additional appts in the
    +10% off classes,
    +Free Group Sessions,
    +other discounts!
  • Transmitter 3-month
    +4 – 90 minute Transmitter
    sessions every month
    ($105.50/session, savings =
    +12 sessions are done over a
    3-month period
    +20% off additional appointments
    through the month
    +10% off classes, workshops,
    group sessions, etc
    +Group Audio Sessions are now
    +$25 Acute Sick Care
    Appointments (normally $35)
    +$10 Drop-In Audio/Sound
    Therapies (normally $20 – 50%
    +Members Receive 3 Drop-in
    Audio/Sound therapies with their
    +Membership stops renewal after
    3 times

Enroll Today
Wednesday Hours Extended

Wednesday’s have become the busiest
day at the office, and often times
are fully booked! Yaaaa! Because of
this, we are now extending
Wednesday’s hours to 12 PM and going
to 8 PM starting in March.Monday: 4
to 8 PM
Wednesday: 12
to 8 PM
Friday: 1
to 7 PM (join us at 6:15 PM for the
weekly Group
Sound Therapy
Saturday: 12
to 4 PM

Training :: Grey Crystal

In October 2011,
Peter Mandel presented
his Symbol Seminar in
Lucerne, Switzerland.
There, he introduced the
exciting new treatments
using the Grey Facetted
Esogetics Grey CrystalsSchaOn
is VERY excited to be
able to participate in
this update seminar on
March 10th.

The Grey Crystals have a
unique capacity to open
the “assigned symbolic
patterns” of the
individual, thereby
making it easier to
treat any specific
symptoms or issues
arising in the

In this seminar, I will
learn deeper, more
transformative therapies
with using the grey
crystals on their own,
as well as in
combination with the
gold, silver and element
crystals, including new
therapies for father and
mother issues, the Tree
of Life, the amygdala/hippocampus,
consciousness expansion
and much more!

These crystals influence
higher planes of Being
in regards to the
superior holograms..
They facilitate powerful
openings of emotional
blockages and/or
physical obstructions.

To try out some of these
new therapies, book an
appointment on or after
Monday, March 11th! Use
Discount Code “GreyCrystals
when booking between
March 11th and March
31st 2013, and get the 1
hour session for $53! (Select
“Wellness Services
(Overall) > Overall
Wellness” then make sure
to book between 3/11/13
and 3/31/13 to have the
discount apply).


*As always, these
statements (or any other
in our newsletters,
etc), have not been
evaluated by the FDA.
This is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease.

Schedule a Grey Crystal Session today!

In like a Lion! *RaWr* ...a March Update 7

Has your Computer gone Crazy?

Spring is starting, and so we’re
starting the March Madness buzz
early as well… Get
50% off any Windows PC Computer
Repair Service
through March 8th, 2013! (does
not include parts or Mac

Use Discount Code: “MarchMadness2013
when booking online or when you
call (612) 234-7237.

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