Co-Creating Collaboration in April

Co-Creating Collaboration in April 1
Co-Creating Collaboration in April 2

Psinergy has always been about bringing collaboration to the community as best as we can as it creates something bigger and more special – it is the reasoning behind the name of our company after all, and we have a terrific opportunity coming in April because of this!

As April is all about Spring Cleaning of your house and where you live – saging, dusting and re-arranging, we realized that it is a terrific time to also do some personal Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body and Soul.

In Collaboration with Good Intentions Soap Company, we have developed a very nice, exclusive soap to help do just this, the “Refresh Psinergy” soap. This custom soap is a combination of an Organic Hemp or Aloe Glycerin Soap infused with the Esogetics Wildcrafted Relax oil!

We have personally tried this soap (testing it out), and fell in love with it instantly. It has a nice refreshing smell that is great to use right away in the morning shower, helping to activate, open and balance all the energy centers (Marma’s, Chakra’s, etc) gently within your being, as well as helping to enhance your Dream State at night (and this was with using the soap in the morning shower). A Healthy Dream state helps to release the garbage from the day and the past, and allowing for a renewal of the soul, mind and body.

How can you get this exclusive and totally awesome soap?
Well, if you have not had a session yet, schedule your Initial Consultation online and use code “LovingSpring2“. If you are currently a Monthly Member, you will automatically get one of these fantastic bars at the first appointment you come in for in April! If you are currently a client, when you upgrade to be a Monthly Member and come in for your first appointment as a member, you will get the soap.

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