Rose Quartz Crystal Therapy to Open Consciousness

Rose Quartz Crystal Therapy to Open Consciousness 1


Rose Quartz Crystal Therapy to Open Consciousness

This is a fantastic therapy that came out of the 2011 Update/Grey Crystals Seminar. While in session we would utilize the 3-shades of the Grey Crystals on the segments in a defined sequence, at home, you are able to utilize a Rose Quartz Sphere!

Rose Quartz Crystal Therapy to Open Consciousness 2

In the evening before bed, place a Rose Quartz Sphere in each position for 20 seconds starting at the top (Kether), then the front center of the forehead, and last in the back straight back from the front position. Repeat every night.

Why is this therapy important?
This therapy helps to activate the “Tree of Life” imprint within the individual. According to Peter, the Tree of Life is the bearer of all consciousness structures of creation. If we make the assumption that the person is a miniature Tree of Life, then his/her individual consciousness is stored within the Sephiroth. The divine information [and energy] flows downward from above, helping to lead the person towards their own consciousness, and life journey. From a Holistic Theory standpoint, everything on the physical starts out as a spiritual thought that we have manifested into our physical reality.

This therapy is fantastic for helping to open and regulate the consciousness, bring in more insight into your current situation(s), and according to Peter [Peter Mandel is the Founder of Esogetics], should be used with every client a few times with the grey crystals and additionally for a few weeks or so with the Rose Quartz Sphere, and for individuals experiencing intense situations like cancer, this should be done every evening with the Rose Quartz Sphere.

*Note: This therapy is only one part of a larger, more comprehensive therapy protocol, though is still highly effective at creating a nice, gentle impulse to help regulate and open the consciousness.

Disclaimer: As always, these statements (or any other in our newsletters, etc), have not been evaluated by the FDA. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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