Here comes Summer and other Changes! …a June Newsletter

comes Summer and other Changes!

…a June

In this update:

Here comes Summer and other Changes! ...a June Newsletter 1

  • Changes:
    Transformation is always happening
  • Your Brain on Meditation:
    What does Science have to say about
    Meditation and the Brain?
  • Keeping Hydrated During the
    : Delicious ways
    to keep your cells hydrated!
  • Special Event! Summer
    : Hanakia Zedek,
    a Shaman Mystic, Poet, author and more,
    talks this Friday about the Benefits of
    Animal Totems followed by a Summer
    Solstice Fire Ceremony!

  • Popular Past Articles
  • Holistic Therapy Highlight: The
    Access Bars
  • Next Newsletter Preview: More
    about the recent class SchaOn took on
    Access Bars and about our new “Director
    of Awesomeness”, Jodi!


Wow… June started out with
a bang, and with it change
after change has been
allowing for a greater
transformation towards our
life’s purpose.Even though the Universe had
prepared SchaOn for these
upcoming changes (like
attracting Jodi to us as our
Director of Awesomenous), it
was kind of sad at first and
did take a moment to regain
some balance and perspective
with it. As some of you
know, at the beginning of
June SchaOn left the Edge
Magazine, and while he will
miss working with the
Community through the Edge
to grow awareness of the
importance of Holistic
Living, the Universe has
many more awesome things in
store for him.

As the saying goes, “As one
door closes, another one
gets slammed open.” This
opened to a room full of
space, energy, less
restrictions and even
greater potential for SchaOn
to focus more on his Life’s
Purpose, and even more of
what brings him joy as well
as the potential to bring
more light into the greater
community. Seeing that this
is a very large room, SchaOn
is taking the time to
explore what it is filled
with, and finding
Opportunities and Potential

One of the things that
presented itself (especially
with the encouragement of
many of the listeners from
his old radio show on the
Edge) is to have a Psinergy
BlogTalk Radio network
called “Psinergy
Balance Radio
“. We plan
on debuting this July 11th
shortly after the New Moon.
Make sure you “Follow
us on there so you get
updates of the shows.

Additionally, the Networking
events will be coming back
to the Twin
Cities Energy & Holistic
with the first one coming up
on Summer Solstice which you
can read more about below.
Additionally, Psinergy will
also have the Natural
Awakenings – Twin Cities
at both the Tech and Health
offices starting in July!

What else is
possible? Show you the rest?
more potential and
awesomenous is on it’s
way… though SchaOn is
waiting until his mentor
Cornelia with Holistic
back to the Twin Cities as
there will be a lot more
collaboration and even more
awesomenous with it! Are you
excited? We are!


*As always, these statements (or
any other in our newsletters, etc),
have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Brain on Meditation

We’ve all heard…
“Meditation is great for
the Mind, Body & Soul”
or …”Your Health”,
etc. and modern science
is starting to be able
to show even more of the
beneficial impacts of
it!Here comes Summer and other Changes! ...a June Newsletter 2The
article in Psychology
Today “This
is your Brain on
” talks
about some of the
science behind why
meditation is so
important to do on a
daily basis from the
perspective of how it
affects the brain.

Hydrated during the Summer

During the dry winter months
most people do a pretty good job
with staying hydrated as their
skin and mouth feel dry, though
we often forget that we still
must keep ourselves hydrated
during the summer months because
we are sweating and feel wet.As a reminder, according to the
book “The
Water Cure
“, to figure out
the minimum amount of water you
need to be drinking each day,
use this formula:

Body Weight (lbs) / 2 = Ounces
of Water

So, I weigh 196 lbs, and divide
that by 2 comes to 98 ounces of
water. Now, the water glasses I
have in the house are 12 ounces,
though I only put about 10
ounces of water in it, so that
means I would need to drink 10
or more glasses per day
(98/10=9.8 glasses) minimum to
not be dehydrated. Basically,
this is the minimum amount of
water your body needs according
to Dr. Batmanghelidj.

What are some other fun ways
of staying hydrated?

Check out these fantastic

“The Circle”
Networking Event

This Circle
Networking Event
on a very special day…
Summer Solstice, and we have
a VERY special Guest
Speaker, Hanakia

Here comes Summer and other Changes! ...a June Newsletter 3Hanakia
will lead us onto a
journey/dream space to help
us meet with our Animal
Totem Guides, and you will
be able to speak with them.
Afterwards, you will have
the opportunity to share
their wisdom if you would
like (Hanakia will also help
you interpret any messages
from them if you would

All Are Welcome!

  • 7 to 7:15 PM – Everyone
    arrives (feel free to
    get coffee, etc)
  • 7:15 to 7:30ish – 1
    minute introductions
  • 7:30ish to 8:30ish –
    Feature Topic on growing
    & strengthening your
  • 8:30ish to 9:30ish –
    Social Mingling time
  • 9:30ish to 10ish – Group
    Fire Ceremony to release
    intentions into the
    Universe for the 2nd
    half of 2013.
Note: This
special networking event
will happen along with the Friday
Chat & Play Social
 at J
& S Bean Factory
What to bring?
Feel free to bring a drum,
flute, or other musical
instrument (keep in mind
though, we have to stop
playing at 10 PM). Also,
remember to bring business


RSVP Today!


Therapy Highlight: Access Bars

Last month we added the “Access
” therapies to the
practice. We offer this in
30-minute “Mini” Sessions as
well as a more in-depth 60
minute session combining some of
Crystal therapies

Here comes Summer and other Changes! ...a June Newsletter 4Access
is a set of tools and processes
that are designed to facilitate
more consciousness for everyone.
Consciousness includes
everything without Judgement. It
is the willingness and capacity
to be totally aware, totally
present in all areas of your
life. Consciousness is the
ability to continually awaken to
more possibility, more choice
and more life.

Access Consciousness is about
unlocking you from the polarity,
imprisonment, conditioning and
limitation of your thoughts,
feelings and emotions. When you
are functioning from finiteness
we choose to have little choice
and limited possibilities.

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