The Open House was AWESOME! …and other September Updates & Winners Announced!

The Open House was AWESOME!

…and other September Updates & Winners Announced!

In this update:The Open House was AWESOME! ...and other September Updates & Winners Announced! 1

  • Open House: Who won the Door Prizes?
  • Workshop: “Listening to your Body’s Signals & Activating Dreams for Healing”, Thurs. Sept 19 @ The Meta Institute
  • Tea Highlight: Ether Element tea, “Joyful Silence”
  • Upcoming Events: Upcoming events around town!

Thank you everyone who was able to make it to the new space!!!! We had an AWESOME time. If you weren’t able to make it, there will be a Community Healing Day coming up on Saturday, October 5th with Cornelia and Conradine.

As we enter into Fall and the season of Metal/Ether and Lung & Colon, Fall Allergies are also now starting to pop up with people. A really nice thing to try in the fall is Carrot Juice! Additionally, we have some very nice allergy remedies from GoEnergetix like Sinus ToneCore Sambucus Spagyric Botanical Blend, or for overall broad-based drainage including the sinuses, Drainage-Tone. Additionally, we have some fantastic Colorpuncture therapies that can be done in-office to get those system moving pretty quickly, or for a quick at-home therapy, you can try the Sinus Triangle.

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Open House Drawing Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of one of the many Open House prizes! If you won, you can contact Cornelia at 763-807-9866 or SchaOn at 612-217-4325. Prize winners with SchaOn will receive a Gift Certificate code in their email that they can use to schedule the service online if they would like.

Initial Consultation Winners

  • Meghan Jones with SchaOn
  • Anya Udonk with Cornelia
  • Leah Skurdal with Cornelia

Anti-Aging Consultation w/ 30-minute Follow-up appt

  • Amanda Degever with SchaOn

60-Minute BioMat Sessions from Cornelia

  • Pat Robertson
  • Jacqueline Johnston
  • Matt Saxe

30-Minute Access Consciousness Bars with SchaOn

  • Jane McEvoy
  • Lynette Larson

Induction Therapy winners from Cornelia

  • Marie-Luise Teigen
  • Anne Belzer
  • Paulette Sorenson

Sound Therapy session winners from SchaOn

  • Karen Bastien
  • Barb Larson
  • Stephanie Shepard
  • Jessica Westendarp
  • Alexandria Noble
  • Richard Aasness
  • Suzanne Paki
The Open House was AWESOME! ...and other September Updates & Winners Announced! 2


“Listen to your Body’s Signals & Activating your Dreams for Healing”
September 19th • 7 to 10 PM
“Symptoms in the body do not arise from nowhere. Learn how to interpret some of these signals, and more importantly some simple yet effective self-care therapies to help clear through the underlying conflicts via the dreams.”

Tea Highlight…

The Open House was AWESOME! ...and other September Updates & Winners Announced! 3We now have some fantastic Ayurveda-based teas in our office specifically formulated for health of the Chakras or to help balance specific elements within the being.

Joyful Silence is an Elemental Tea for Ether ($5.49) and a fantastic tea for Autumn.
“The stillness. The space that holds everything else. Listen.”
Ingredients: Apple* (40%), lemon grass*, honeybush*, hibiscus*, lemon juice* (4%), turmeric root* (4%), cinnamon*, black pepper*, cocoa shells*, lemon extract (1%), basil*, ginger*, cardamom*, cloves*. * = organic.

Upcoming Events

You’re Invited!
Thurs., Sept. 19th, 7 – 10 PM
Thursday, Sept. 19th, 7 – 9 PM
Movie & a Smoothie @ Holistic Gateway Center

Saturday, Sept. 21st, 1 – 3 PM

“The Circle” Networking Event @ The Circle of Wellness w/ Paula Frost
Saturday, Oct. 5th, 10 AM – 5 PM
J & S Bean Artist Market Expo in St. Paul

Recurring Events:

Every Wednesday in September from 1 to 1:30
Lunch Hour Group Sound & Mudra TherapyEvery Friday from 7-10 PM

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