Happy Thanksgiving & Tips so you can still eat those Sweets without Guilt!

Happy Thanksgiving

…and Healthy Tips for early Winter!

In this update:Happy Thanksgiving & Tips so you can still eat those Sweets without Guilt! 1

  • The War on Sugars… and why it’s not entirely correct: Holiday Tips so you can still eat those Sweet Treats!
  • Mindful Meditation Relieves Inflammation: Reduce Stress, Reduce Symptoms
  • New in Office: Traumeel
  • Therapy Highlight: Aggressive Zones – Great when you have Mild Constipation & Release Shoulder/Neck Tensions
  • Local Business Highlight: Bliss Custom Baking
  • Upcoming Events: Upcoming events with Psinergy, Holistic Gateway & The Wellness Circle… as well as others around town!

We wanted to send out a quick note to everyone just wishing you, your family and/or loved ones, a very Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving. We know for many people, family get-togethers can be very trying (and that’s often putting it mildly). A very nice tea that can help with the stress of this is a Fennel Tea (add 1/4 tsp fennel seed, and 2 or 3 mint leaves to hot water and steep about 10 minutes). Fennel is considered a Sattwic herb for the mind, as well as helps digestion (an added bonus for Thanksgiving for most). It also helps freshen the breath. Fennel is also balancing for all people.

What is Sattwic? Sattwa is part of the 3 qualities of the mind, and it means purity when translated from Sanskrit, and is the preferred mental state because a person with this quality is calm, alert, kind and thoughtful.

The War on Sugars… and why it’s not entirely correct:

Holiday Tips so you can still eat those Sweet Treats

by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

Happy Thanksgiving & Tips so you can still eat those Sweets without Guilt! 2

As the holidays come upon us, we are tempted by those fantastic sugary treats that we have grown to love and adore, and some seem addicted to them. With the latest fad diets, we are told, “No Sugar! It’s toxic for you”, “It will make you FAT!”, “Sugar causes Cancer!” and so on and so forth. Then, when we indulge ourselves in one of these treats, we feel guilty. So, are sugars a “no-go” for everyone, making them fat, depressed and cancer ridden addicts?

From some of my recent studies into Ayurvedic Medicine and Complex Homeopathy, what I am learning is yes and no. In these studies, it has become very clear to me that as Americans, we don’t know the first thing about proper diet, what to eat and when to eat it, and the latest fad diets just make things worse for most of us by diminishing the vital basic make-up of our cells and the cellular energy structure/metabolism.

In Ayurveda, we learn that sweets (which basically are sugars) are comprised of the elements of Earth and Water, help to strengthen tissue, increases ojas, aka “Life Sap”, aide in healing broken bones, increases breast milk, and help the mind be content, and is harmonizing. However in excess it can cause weight gain, indigestion, diabetes, enlarged glands, fainting and cancer (1). In Ayurveda, the idea is that “Opposite balances Opposite, and Like increases Like”, and that the individual, whether consciously knowing it or not, will always try to create balance within their system.

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Mindful Meditation Relieves Inflammation

Reduce Stress, Reduce Symptoms

Senate Passes Naturopathic Medicine Week ResolutionA new University of Wisconsin-Madison study shows that meditation, a proven reducer of psychological stress, can also lessen stress-caused inflammation and thereby relieve the symptoms and pain of certain diseases. Long-term stress has long been linked to inflammation, an underlying cause of many diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, bowel disease, asthma, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Traumeel now available in the MPLS Office!

Happy Thanksgiving & Tips so you can still eat those Sweets without Guilt! 3

As many of you know, I’ve had many car accidents in the last year, and Traumeel has been a cornerstone in my own healing. Traumeel is a homeopathic remedy for very fast pain relief designed by Heel, http://www.heel.com/, one of the oldest homeopathic companies in the world!.Traumeel® is a combination of 12 natural active ingredients (of 14 actives, see Drug Facts*) that work together, complementing the body’s natural processes to temporarily reduce minor joint, back & muscle pain.

  • Designed to work without going through the digestive system
  • Safe to use for more than 10 days
Happy Thanksgiving & Tips so you can still eat those Sweets without Guilt! 4

Therapy Highlight

The Aggressive Zones therapy is a fantastic therapy to help strengthen the energy of the large intestine, helping to influence a nice gentle flush and cleansing of the intestinal lymph system, stimulating the immune system, as well as helping to relax the Shoulders and Neck.
Each point is located 2 fingerwidths diagonal from the center of the belly button.Full therapy information

Happy Thanksgiving & Tips so you can still eat those Sweets without Guilt! 5

Appointment Hours

Sunday’s: 11 AM to 4 PM in MPLS
Monday’s: 4 to 8 PM in Lino Lakes
Wednesday’s: 10 AM to 10 PM in MPLS
Friday’s: 10 AM to 6 PM in MPLS

Bliss Custom Baking

Wheat-free & gluten-free desserts made with organic, all natural & local ingredients. Dairy-free options also available.

Bliss offers “Bliss of the Month Club”, Customized desserts, tasting parties & more…
Happy Thanksgiving & Tips so you can still eat those Sweets without Guilt! 6

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