Are You Ready for 2014? Tips for starting 2014…

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Kether / Attunement

The month of January is represented by the 1st sephira in the Tree of Life. Kether is located at the very top center of the head (GV20 in Acupuncture). Blockages here inhibit the creative impulses of the individual, and create reactions to show what is not whole within the self. Kether is the place of “limitless light” and “limitless love” (light=love). It is what connects us to the divine, the Creator, the “All”, and separation from this light creates fear.

Kether is very fitting for the month of January as we are beginning to see an increase of light from the sun (after the Winter Solstice), and Kether talks about drawing this light into our being from above.

Meditate on this symbol for 5 minutes a daythrough the month of January to help release the blockages between you and the Universal Light, helping to increase creativity and release of fears. Alternately, you could also print off this symbol (make it about 2.5 inches) and place it at the top of your head for the 5 minutes with your eyes closed.

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(This is deeper than the meditation)Are You Ready for 2014? Tips for starting 2014... 2

Are you ready for 2014?

Healthy tips to start 2014 our right!

In this update:
  • Happy 2014: What does it have in store for you?
  • Tree of Life: January is for Kether
  • Psinergy joins Twin Cities Holistic Chamber of Commerce
  • Tea/Herb Highlight: Trikatu
  • Computer Healing: Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul
  • Article from Natural Awakenings TC: Peace on Our Plates, mindful eating for a more peaceful world
  • *New* Trying something new: Invoicing
  • Certification Training: Colorpuncture training comes to the Twin Cities!
  • Local Business Highlight:
    Idea Exchange Speakers Series
  • Therapy Highlight: Cortices
  • Past Popular Articles
The beginning of a new year is always a fun and transformative time for many. We realize that with the new year, change can and is happening. People start making New Year’s Resolutions; weight loss, quitting smoking, eating better, being happier, finding love, being more financially stable, and much more. Often, many people fail with these resolutions as often they don’t have the tools to succeed, subconscious thoughts holding you back, past trauma stuck within.This can be very scary for many people after a bit, they begin seeing changes within themselves, and realize “Who will I be after these changes happen?” – or they see the success in failure being easier than the success in striving. Often times we find that people get comfortable with associating with their pains, their sickness, their dis-ease – getting a high off falling flat on their faces.

Obviously, you want to change your association with this, otherwise you wouldn’t have made the resolution… or be on our newsletter list. So, how can you change this? What would life look like if you could, and did, succeed?

Some of the things that maybe beneficial for you is the Access Consciousness work (Access Bars) as this helps to release the ‘field’ around limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions. Colorpuncture, the I-Ching Questions therapy or the Transmitter Relays can be very nice, and from Ayurveda, detoxing and cleansing can also be great, and the next most opportune time to detox/cleanse will be from January 7th to January 22nd as the next seasonal transition is January 15th.

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Psinergy joins Twin Cities Holistic Chamber of Commerce


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As a community grows, becomes stronger and more prominent, the community that it is becomes more organized.

Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness is very happy to announce that we have joined the Twin Cities Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, we are excited to also announce that SchaOn will be the Chapter Vice President!

If you are a small business within the Holistic Community (Sustainable/Greener Businesses, Holistic Health Services or Products, Publications), we would strongly encourage you to join.


Tea / Herb Highlight

Are You Ready for 2014? Tips for starting 2014... 9Trikatu, made from Long Pepper, Ginger and Black Pepper, is traditionally used to support digestion and the overall gastric function. It stimulates digestive enzymes and promotes rapid absorption of nutrients, while optimizing metabolic function. Trikatu’s pungent qualities clear excess mucus from the body, which aids digestion and supports respiratory function.One of the reasons that Trikatu was developed was to take great care of royalty, so the science of creating antidotes to poisons arose in order to counter the guile of assassination attempts. Trikatu is one of the formulas used to “digest” toxins and poisons, not to mention meals. Modern science has confirmed that antioxidants are the typically the best way to neutralize poisons and that Trikatu is burgeoning with potent ones.

Also realize that high quality tissue can arise only from high quality food offered to a high quality digestive process. Trikatu, with Turmeric and Tulsi-Holy Basil, is one of your best allies to attain your optimal weight and state of fitness.

Trikatu is Vata and Kapha balancing, though can increase Pitta. It is often used during times of colds, flu, fevers, it stimulates appetite, helps with cough, congestion, helps to build agni (the digestive fire), and decrease ama (toxins from undigested food). It is also beneficial for the thyroid and for detoxification.

Computer Repair for your Home and Business

Are You Ready for 2014? Tips for starting 2014... 10Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul is a computer repair businesses specializing in the needs of individuals and small, local businesses. Our focus is on repairing, when it makes sense, instead of contributing more toxic waste to landfills.

Technology services offered: PC & Mac Services, including: Virus/Spyware Removal, Computer Tune-ups, Hardware/Software Upgrades, Corruption Repair, Data Recovery Services, Laptop Screen, DC Jack, Motherboard Repair/Replacement, WiFi/Network setup, Password Resets

Areas of specialty: PC/Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.1, NT/Server 2003-2012 R2, MacOS

Philosophy of healing: “Just like the human being, computers need things like wellness checks (tune-ups), a strong immune system (up-to-date anti-virus software), and de-stressing routines (defragging). When things go awry, you want someone who specializes in bringing it back to optimal health.”

Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul services a 50 mile radius from its home base St. Paul, MN. For more information, call 612.234.7237 or visit www.StPaulVirusRemoval.com. Bring-to-us services are also available by appointment.


Upcoming Events

…You’re Invited!
Wednesday, January 8
7 PM to 9 PM

Natural Awakenings – Twin Cities

“Peace on Our Plates – Mindful Eating for a More Peaceful World”
by Judith Fertig

As Earth’s population grows to a projected 9 billion people by 2050, can our global community keep eating flesh like we’ve been doing for centuries? No, according to a 2010 report by the United Nations Environment Programme, an international panel of sustainable resource management experts. Examining the food demands of a growing population and associated environmental and sustainability issues…”[Read More]

Trying Something New: Invoicing


Over the years we have tried various payment options: “Pay what you Can / Donation-based”, Lower Fee-for-Service, Higher Fee for Service, etc, etc. The reason why is that we consistently hear from people that either our fees are too high, too low, that they cannot afford the services – but they really want to come and see me… and we really want to work with anyone and everyone, though, at the same time be able to pay our bills.So, we will be trying something new. Our fee-for-service will stay the same, though we will now start adding the option to be invoiced for services. What does this mean?

Colorpuncture Certification Training to start in Minneapolis in 2014!

Are You Ready for 2014? Tips for starting 2014... 11

Many people have wondered when the next Esogetics Colorpuncture Certification training will be coming back to MN… and we are happy to announce that it will be this year at Holistic Gateway! This training will be with the newly revised training material. The certification offers 168 CEU Credits.

Are You Ready for 2014? Tips for starting 2014... 12

The Metamorphosis Center hosts the “Idea Exchange Speakers Series” each Tuesday evening at it’s north Burnsville location (it’s pretty much Bloomington) starting at 7 PM. This thought-provoking series addresses an endless variety of topics related to contemporary themes of mind-body-spirit and personal development.

Therapy Highlight

The Cortices is a fantastic way of quickly balancing the left and right sides of the brain.

Why is this important? Stress and daily life tends to create an imbalance between the two sides. This can make it harder to remember things, stay on task, and stay happy and cheerful.

Are You Ready for 2014? Tips for starting 2014... 13

Past Popular Articles

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