June is here – Men’s Health, Farmers Market, Raspberries for Summer Health & More…

“Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or loneliness. It consists in daring to do the right thing and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds not words.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
June is here - Men's Health, Farmers Market, Raspberries for Summer Health & More... 1
Blessings Psinergy!
June 7, 2015 – Volume 6, Edition 09
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June News

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

– Les Brown

  • June News & Events at the Office
  • Foods of the Season Raspberries
  • New Articles from our Blogs
  • Farmers Market starts next Sunday, June 14th:
    Sprø Gård Organic Farm
  • Upcoming Classes & Events
  • What do we do here? We’re a very diverse company
  • Finding Holistic/Greener Businesses in the Twin Cities
  • More Upcoming Events around Town
  • Natural Awakenings Twin Cities article:
    “Yoga for the Bro’s”

Strawberry or Rose Moon 2015We’ve now been in our new location for a year and a month. In some ways it feels like we’re entering our second year of business. In many ways that is good, in other ways… kind of terrifying. As many of you know, we often look to the nature around us for guidance. The last full moon (pictured to the left) is the Strawberry or Rose Moon. We know from the Moon Cycles that everything ebbs and flows, waxes and wains. The Strawberry has become a great symbol for Love and Passion. It’s similar to raspberries (see below), and helps protect against Viruses and DNA Damage and is great for when a person has kidney stones (aka hardened fear). The Rose, another great symbol of increasing Love, has an aroma that is very cooling to Pitta (fire) while helping rejuvenate the heart, and is great for wrinkles.

We have had probably as many changes over the last year as we have had in the previous 5 and 1/2, with even more changes to come. The larger Group & Teaching space is almost complete and looks like it will be ready to start being utilized by July. To say the least, we are excited for what the next year will bring, as well as every year to come!

Foods of the Season:

Raspberries for Summer Health

Raspberries, like Strawberries, are a fantastic fruit for this time of year. In Ayurvedic Medicine, the fruit is utilized for issues around obesity, gout, arthritis, diabetes, constipation, hypertension, kidney stones and relieving the delivery pains after childbirth. Be careful though to not eat too many as having more than two handfuls at a time may cause vomiting, or eating with dairy products can contribute to hemorrhoids, skin issues and ulcers. Basically, like any other fruit, it’s best to eat by itself, as a snack a few hours after lunch.

Farmers Market starts June 14th…

Sprø Gård Organic FarmThank you to everyone who helped to make the Barnraiser a HUGE success! Projects like this are just one way to help bring fantastic, healthy food to more people… and as the old Ayurvedic saying goes, “it’s not what you eat, but what you digest” and when you are ingesting and digesting foods cultivated with love, your body and soul are just that much happier and healthier.

Also, check out the News Brief in the June Edition of Natural Awakenings on Page 5 about the Farmers Market. Thank you Jackie and Natural Awakenings! You are a shining light to our community! Also, while you’re checking out Natural Awakenings, make sure to check out about the new Float Tanks at Awaken for Wellness! If you don’t know about the awesomeness of Float Tanks, check out “Pain & Depression Ebb with Flotation Therapy“.

You can also follow Sprø Gård on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/sprogard or
Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sprogard


June is here - Men's Health, Farmers Market, Raspberries for Summer Health & More... 2

New Articles
from our Blogs


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Psinergy Tech:

Psinergy Health:

How to find us:
We’re located at
1553 Como Ave, near the corner of Como & Snelling
across from Café 99
and next to
Beloved Studios.

June Classes at Psinergy

Reiki Level 2
Saturday, June 20
10 AM to 6 PM
Exchange: $210

(includes manual, before & after Kirlians of attunement, as well as Chakra Annointing Oils & Ayurvedic Chakra tea)

Sleep Therapies for you & your family
Tuesday, June 16
6 PM to 9 PM
Exchange: $25

What all do we offer here? That’s a pretty big question as we offer a lot!

Additionally, on the Health side of our business, we also offer Monthly Wellness Membership to help keep maintaining your wellness more affordable. Also, almost any and all supplements can be purchased through our Online Dispensary – plus, we give you 5-15% off on each order! And as always — please keep referring people to us (on the tech side, for computer clients we give you a $10 credit towards future service — on the health side we cannot do that). If they have questions about what we do, or if we can help (which is very common on the health side of our business)… have them give us a call. We’re pretty friendly and try to explain things well.

Yoga for the Bro’s

Men Find it Builds All-Around Fitness

Snelling and Como: a charming little corner of St. Paul

Five thousand years ago, most yoga teachers and students were men. Today, of the 15 million American practitioners, less than a third are males. However, this figure has increased in the past decade, with teachers in some areas reporting a balanced ratio of men and women in their classes. Yet, even as professional athletes add yoga to their training regimen, Power Yoga founder Bryan Kest, in Santa Monica, California, points out, “To the mainstream man, yoga is not masculine. You see men in ballet performances, but it doesn’t mean men are attracted to ballet.” Eric Walrabenstein, founder of Yoga Pura, in Phoenix, agrees. “To achieve the widest adoption of the practice, we need to shift away from the notion that yoga is a physical exercise primarily for women, to one that embraces yoga’s holistic physical, mental and emotional benefits for anyone regardless of gender.”

Life Benefits

Physically, yoga can complement traditional workout routines by increasing flexibility, strength and balance, and also play a role in pain management and injury prevention. Kest says, “Yoga is the best fitness-related activity I know of, but the tone and shapeliness that results is a byproduct. The focus is on balance and healing.”

Upcoming Events

…You’re Invited!

June is here - Men's Health, Farmers Market, Raspberries for Summer Health & More... 4

Find a massive amount of Local, Holistic & Green events online, from multiple sources, all in one place via the Twin Cities Holistic Directory.

June is here - Men's Health, Farmers Market, Raspberries for Summer Health & More... 5

The Twin Cities Holistic & Greener Directory was created to be an affordable online resource for small and local businesses within the Twin Cities Metro region who are more holistically minded and focused on greener options and services.

Are you a small business owner? Make sure to get listed! It’s fast, easy and affordable!

More info at:

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June is here - Men's Health, Farmers Market, Raspberries for Summer Health & More... 6

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