9/20/2015: Uilleand (Oo-Lind), of Honeysuckle

9/20/2015: Uilleand (Oo-Lind), of Honeysuckle 1

As many of us well know, Mercury Retrograde has descended upon us. This can affect some of us very strongly, while others will barely notice any change. Communication may go awry, computers and phones may break, travelling cancelled, deals fall though, etc. This doesn’t mean that your life will fall apart for 3 weeks. If you’re prepared and ready to work, Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be a difficult period at all. You might even enjoy it.

This is where Uilleand helps us. Uilleand teaches us all about finding our way through the labyrinth to the light again. Don’t let her sweet smell fool you: she is one determined energy. This might be walking down the street with your head held high, or this might be the willingness to crawl through the dirt to make something happen. When you’re feeling lethargic, overwhelmed, unsure of your true desires, or how to get there: call upon Uilleand. Sometimes we need to stand in the dark for a little while to see where the light is or how bright our own inner light is.

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