Qigong therapy sessions – No Cost for the next month!

Qigong Therapy session with Matt

We are happy to announce that we have another new practitioner starting out here at Psinergy!

Matt Cates - Qigong PractitionerMatt Cates has studied a wide range of energy work and holistic health modalities over the years and combines them into a joyful session to help you address your issues from an energetic standpoint. He is a graduate of the Boulder Colorado Massage Therapy School (he provides massage at The Wellness Circle in Circle Pines, MN), and is currently doing in-depth study in Qigong practices.

For the next month, Matt is offering Qigong therapy at no cost to those who want to experience it. To schedule your Qigong therapy session, just to to our website at https://www.psinergyhealth.com/ and select Schedule Service > Energy Work Therapies > QiGong therapy and Energy Work with Matt, or give us a call at 612-217-4325.

Other therapists we have and what they offer:

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