The Love Disk & Love Opening Protocol – a perfect theme for February

The Esogetics Love Disk

In the month of February, we celebrate the term “Love”. In Esogetics Holistic Medicine and Colorpuncture, we see this term as being interchangeable with the term Light, as you will read more about below. Through the month of February, to help celebrate this and bring more “Love” into the world, we are offering this specific therapy session by itself.


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From the Esogetics Love Disk Mini-Manual:

Symbolically, the human heart is linked to sentiments and feelings; affection, kind-heartedness, devotion, which occur through the heart, and ultimately love, which is anchored deep within our hearts.

The word “love” is a multifaceted one in the languages of all peoples. One also differentiates between the interpersonal, human love and the absolute, unconditional love.

When one speaks of “absolute – unconditional love”, such a thing is basically no longer understood by us humans. We only know the love in the “captivity of this dimension” which is characterized by the idea of opposites. Polarity always has two sides, and here we speak of the love for others, for one’s parents, siblings, children, and partners; of sexual love, love of values and things, and finally altruism. These terms all deal with reciprocity. When we humans love “something” or “someone” we expect something in return; we await an emotion that resonates with our feelings.

Absolute love is the essence of the “Creator of the Universe” and we understand it as divine information, which had created the dimensions, space, and worlds, brought by the light. We encounter here the highest level of vibration and greatest force of the universe. This love knows no doubt and above all, no fear that is found at the dark side of our being. The power of divine love can never be betrayed since this love is undivided and judges not; it expects and demands nothing.

After the “Dream Disc”, which demonstrated outstanding effectiveness and the great success resulting from that, Peter Mandel was then able to develop through intuition and specific calculations the “Disc of the Heart” (and of Love), which he also refers to as the “Disc of Information”. Over a longer period of time, he was able to observe the effectiveness with many people. Primarily the effect of the application of the Love Disk is the “depth of our being”, there where all unresolved things, and above all, the conflicts of our lives are found. The application of the “Disc of the Heart” onto defined skin zones allows the “light, and thereby the love” to touch us in our cells. “Vibrating resonance” is generated, and in this manner, we are able to encounter the boundless love of the Creator within us.

To arrive at the center or to gather one’s thoughts, to encounter one’s self and possibly to attain comprehension, represents a step toward “love of one’s self”. To wit: How is it possible to “love one’s neighbors”, if we are unable to experience our own individuality? Only when this occurs, when we accept ourselves for who we are, only then will find the resonance that we desire in the world around us.

The explanation of why a disc of this type is able to function at all lies in the holographic structure of our skin and on the fact that our entire being is stored as higher-level information there. Parallel to this stands new understandings in biology, particularly as postulated by Prof. Bruce Lipton. He says that the cell membrane (the skin of the cell) represents the brain of the cell. At the same time, the vibration of the membrane is the instrument of intercommunication among all cells. “As above – so below” goes the phrase from Hermes Trismegistus. If the vibration of the “cell’s skin” represents the basic criterion during the information transfer of all cells, it is to be assumed that the great encasement of our body, the skin, also implements this outwardly. The skin surface is encased in a “holographic wiring system”. Also found here is all the information of our life. Everything that we were, are, or will be is recorded in this holographic information library. By means of special contact (e.g. through treatments), we reflect upon inner conditions, as well as through treatment with the “Disc of the Heart”.

The three big Ls: LOVE – LIGHT – LIFE has the same significance as “Information – Energy – Matter” or “Spirit – Soul – Body”. All these terms describe the “wholeness and uniqueness” of our being. The Disc of the Heart allows us to recognize and feel this. In this manner, we are able to sense changes in our lives that have within them the quality of peace and “the gathering of one’s thoughts”. Many troubles caused by our environment, such as stress or aggression, are lessened or remedied.


The Therapy “Basic Love Opening Protocol”

Three positions on the body have priority with the application of the “Disc of the Heart”. In this connection, we make use of three large holographic energy fields on the skin:

  1. Zone above the navel
  2. Zone located in the middle of the breastbone
  3. Zone on the forehead

The applications of the disk should each last 5 minutes in each zone, carried out in the following sequence: “navel, chest, forehead”. Strong emotional reactions, such as suddenly crying or having a feeling of hopelessness, may occur during the treatment. In such a case, the sequence of the application should be interrupted. Immediately following this, the discomforts normally dispell, usually giving way to a pleasant feeling. To point out once again, the sequence reacts quite deeply within our being. This simple and wonderful possibility of gathering our thoughts is a further step in a time of upheaval.

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*Note: Information used from the Esogetics publicly available mini-manual © by Peter Mandel and the International Mandel Institute for Esogetic Medicine, Bruchsal, Germany are reused on the website under “Fair Use” §107 of Copyright Law of the United States of America.




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