Sleep Issues

Rediscover restful sleep naturally

When was the last time you fell asleep within minutes, and woke up feeling rested? At least 60 million Americans experience sleeplessness to a point that they seek support from a medical provider. In fact, sleep concerns in the U.S. add up to an estimated $16 billion in medical costs[...]

Happy May Day & Celebrating your Sexuality!

Happy May Day & Celebrating your Sexuality! …a May Update In this update: Edge May Article: “Celebrate Sexuality” by Briana Therapy from Grey symbol seminar: Rose Quartz therapy for Insomnia & Sleep Issues 20% off: Initial Consultations! Free Therapy Day: for Allergy Sufferers – Friday, May 10 This Friday: 9-Weeks[...]

Embracing your Wabi-Sabi – an April Newsletter

We are told through the Spiritual & Metaphysical communities that our Perceptions… or our Point of Views… create our Reality… how interesting is that? So, what will it take to change that and how can it get any better than what we have created? What else is Possible? [Comment] Embrace[...]

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