Embracing your Wabi-Sabi – an April Newsletter

We are told through the
Spiritual & Metaphysical
communities that our
Perceptions… or our Point of
Views… create our Reality…
how interesting is that?

So, what will it take to
change that and how can it get
any better than what we have
What else is Possible?


Embrace the Wabi-Sabi that is you!

…an April

In this update:

  • Article:
    Wabi-Sabi by Briana
  • Embracing your Wabi-Sabi - an April Newsletter 1‘Divine
    : Briana
    releases CD
  • Therapy
    from Grey symbol seminar
    Rose Quartz therapy for Insomnia & Sleep
  • This Friday:
    9-Weeks of Transformation
  • Change: Greener
    Hosting Provider

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  • Edge Radio: New
    Episode last Sunday with Mark Reynolds,
    Executive Director of Citizens Community
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  • Next Newsletter Preview: More
    Updates from the Symbol Updates Seminar
    (Polarity, Trinity and Quadrature
    therapies with the Gold/Silver, Greys
    and Elemental Crystals) SchaOn took on
    March 10th — ALSO New
    Services coming soon!


by Briana Crusan

Evolutionary Pagan: Wabi-Sabi

There are two types of
initiation. One is a
ceremony, ritual or test
that one must undertake to
join a group or hold an
office. In Pagan culture,
one usually commits to a
group and the initiation is
performed as a series of
rites that highlight the
transformation from seeker
to dedicant to priesthood.
In shamanic cultures,
initiation is seen as a real
or symbolic brush with death
that leaves one transformed
with new insight. When the
shaman undergoes a traumatic
experience, he or she
becomes imbued with
spiritual energy for having
come close to death. Many
pagan rituals center on this
However, all too often when
we have a traumatic
experience, it becomes a
source of woundedness. These
wounds begin to dictate how
we interact with the world.
This is part of the appeal
of pagan and shamanic
traditions. For when you
begin your journey of
healing and empowerment,
initiation becomes a source
of validation that can be
difficult to find elsewhere.


Divine Intervention by Briana Crusan

released her Spoken Word CD! It is
Ranked #4 on ReverbNation in
Minneapolis! Tracks include:

  • We The People
  • Validation Reality
  • United States of Paranoia
  • Tribal Beat
  • Time Piece
  • Still Standing
  • My Vagina
  • Me and My ADD
  • Just Be
  • Hungry for Love

Which is your favorite track?

Quartz Therapy for Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Here is another fantastic therapy that came
out of the 2011 Update/Grey Crystals
Seminar. In the office, we would utilize the
3-shades of the Grey Crystals on the
segments in a defined sequence (this is
stronger), at home, you are able to utilize
a Rose Quartz Sphere.

Rose Quartz Sphere Therapy: Try for Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Try for Insomnia & Sleep Issues:
Place a Rose Quartz Sphere in each
location for 20 seconds to 2 minutes
each point. Do before you want to sleep.
Area 1: on the Navel
Area 2: 1/2 way between Areas 1 & 3
(Hara Point)
Area 3: 3 Fingerwidths above center of
Pubic Bone
This touches the 2nd Membrane field of
Esogetics, the Field of Emotions/Water.
These positions activate the energetic
fields of Netzah (involuntary actions),
Hod (voluntary actions), and Yesod
(Dreams, Symbols and the Filmstrip of
Life) within the Tree of Life.
*As always, these statements (or
any other in our newsletters, etc),
have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease.
9-Weeks of Transformation

We are continuing our
Sound Therapy journey
this month with the
9-weeks of
Transformation. Drop in
for just one, or all 9.
Each week is only $10,
and monthly
this for free.

Embracing your Wabi-Sabi - an April Newsletter 2

Over a 9-week
period, we work
to reharmonize
the Mind, Body
and Soul through
the Esogetics
Therapies. These
therapies help
to enhance the
dream state of
the individual,
allowing the
person to access
deeper knowledge
understanding of
what is already
held within, as
well as helping
to open the
consciousness to
Week 4: Vitality,
Week 5: Self-Knowledge,
Week 6: Change,
Week 7: Reorientation,
Week 8: Harmony,
Week 9: Completion,
For more
information, go
and click on
“9-weeks of
Group Sound
Therapies” or
(4325). **Registration
is required.**
Embracing your Wabi-Sabi - an April Newsletter 3Latest Episode:
Sunday, April 14th, 7 to
9 PM

This months main topic
(8 to 9 PM CST) is about
Climate Change. Join us
as we talk with a
leading expert in
climate change, Mark
Reynolds, Executive
Director of Citizens
Climate Lobby
From 7 to 8 PM, we will
talk about various
things happening in the
news, around the world,
and much more!
Have a question
for Cathy & SchaOn or
our Guest?
into the show, or feel
free to ask it online
via the chat room!


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Join us the 2nd Sunday of
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Holistic Healthcare, review
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vitamins & minerals, talk
about Conspiracies, or maybe
even talk about UFO’s,
crystal skulls & more!

So, grab a cup of coffee,
tea or some hemp/almond
milk, ask us questions live
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call us live on air and join
in on the fun!

Going Greener! We’ve switched Web
Hosting Providers

At Psinergy, we have always
been committed to the Greener
Lifestyle. For example, at the Psinergy
TechWarrior St. Paul
we have switching to LED bulbs, or
when we upgrade hard
drives, utilizing “Green Drives”,
using Green Cleaning products, and

Monthly Memberships

We are now offering 2 Levels of
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