Tree Wisdom

8/2/2015: Gort (GORT), or Ivy
If you’re one of many feeling lost and confused (or still working through the Venus Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde) : don’t worry. Gort is here to show you the way out. Gort helps us clear the energy to show us the way out while also reminding us you’ll make it[...]
7/26/2015: Ioho (E-yo), or Yew
Oh, yew. Of course it’s you. For those that follow astrology, you know that Venus Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde are both happening. It’s time to challenge what’s in your life and if it’s worth keeping around or not. It’s also a time to seek answers to finally solves the puzzles[...]
7/19/2015: Muin (Mhoown), Blackberry/Bramble
Muin speaks to us this week about love and relationships. Not only love and relationships with others (friends, family, etc.), but love for ourselves. Muin is a special fruit to the faeries, and they help us cultivate the berries of Muin to celebrate life. Traditionally, Muin is left alone for[...]
7/12/2015: Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash
Nuin reminds us of the inner wisdom we all possess. Nuin often is represented in the World Tree. This tree stretches from Annwn (the lower world), to Abed (this world), to Gwynvid (the upper world), and to Ceugant (infinity). Nuin serves as the connection to all of this information within[...]
6/28/2015: Beith (Beh), or Birch
Beith is all about birth and new beginnings. Beith, or Birch, is a very hardy tree, and can grow in places most trees cannot. Just one or two seedlings can produce a forest in the matter of a few decades, and is the first to grow back after burns. The[...]
6/21/2015: Tinne (Tin-nay), or Holly
This week, while also in celebration of solstice, Tinne is about protection, but also bringing forth that fire within us. Lore pits the Oak King and Holly King against each other twice a year to battle as ruler. On Winter solstice, Oak wins and winter is upon us. At the[...]
6/14/2015: Ur (Oo-R), or Heather
This week Ur is called to help us find our luck and opportunities. Traditionally Ur is used for fuel, woven into thatching for extra protection, brooms, and rope because it’s strong and very rot-resistant. Ur isn’t about making luck and opportunities for you. It helps us see what luck and[...]
6/7/2015: Oir (U-Eh) or Spindle
This week is all about manifesting! Traditionally used for making looms and spindles to spin wool, use the energy or Oir to help weave your dreams into a reality. Oir ignites the energy within us to make things happen. Take your turn at the wheel and weave what’s next in[...]
5/31/2015: Ruis or Elder Tree
It’s no surprise that during Mercury Retrograde (in Gemini: communication) Ruis comes up. Ruis is associated with legal matters and disputes. If you ask Becca’s phone how it’s handling this, it wouldn’t be able to find a signal to tell you. However, Ruis is also associated with banishment, balance, and[...]

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