Clarity & Understanding with Great Strength for March


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Clarity & Understanding with Great Strength for March 1
Clarity & Understanding with Great Strength for March 2
Clarity & Understanding with Great Strength for March 3
Binah / Clarity / Understanding


Binah / Clarity / Understanding : The month of March is represented by the 3rd sephira in the Tree of Life. Binah, located on the right side of the head, is the Divine Feminine and helps to bring balance of the Divine Masculine (Hochma). Binah emphasizes the “receptive centeredness” or the “receptive intelligence”. Within Binah, silent contemplation resides, and through this reflective thinking, intuition and inspiration are spontaneous (a truly meditative state)!

Meditate on this symbol for 5 minutes a day through the month of March to help release the blockages between you and your spontaneous inspirations. Alternately, you could also print off this symbol (make it about 2.5 inches) and place to the right of your head just above the ear for the 5 minutes with your eyes closed.

Da Zhuang - Great Strength

Da Zhuang – Great Strength

Da Zhuang / Great Strength is the 34th hexagram of the I Ching and represents the month of March within this system. According to the Chinese, it represents the 2nd month of the Lunar Year. This hexagram reminds us through an ancient symbolic knowledge within our being that even though one has great physical strength, it is the strength of the mind that is the greatest.

The upper gua is the symbol for Thunder, the lower Heaven. This shows lots of action (Thunder) and strength (Heaven), and when combined, there is an incredible potential of a strong movement forward of achievements. Keep in mind, Trust and Sincerity MUST be followed in every action, otherwise there will be a horrifically strong failure.

“What is great should be righteous. When righteousness is great, The purity of truth can be seen.”

You can print out the image of Da Zhuang and stand on it for 10-minutes a day to help strengthen the purity of mind.

March Updates…

from Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness


In this update:

  • Upcoming Classes
  • Binah: Let Inspiration & Intuition be Spontaneous!
  • Da Zhuang: Sincerity and Purity of Truth creates Great Strength
  • Sunday, March 11th: “On the Edge… of Everything!” with SchaOn & Cathy :: This month’s topic, Artifical Sweeteners
  • ReBalancing Karma

Classes & Workshops for March

One of the biggest things with Esogetics therapies is that we work on educating our clients on therapies they can do on themselves and their loved ones. We do this through a combination of one-on-one instruction at the end of sessions on the specific therapies to use at home, as well as through classes/workshops that can be used when things change between appointments.
  • Colorpuncture for Sleep Balance
    Sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to our health. Having a harder time falling asleep, waking up, or not dreaming can lead to very serious concerns. In this class, learn some very simple ways of balancing your circadian rhythms to help optimize your sleep.
    -Length: 2 Hours
    -Cost: $30
    -Class Size: 10
    -at Psinergy: Thursday, March 8th @ 7 PM ::Register
  • Colorpuncture for Pain
    This class is specifically geared for my clients who have chronic pain, or have family or friends that have chronic pain. Colorpuncture, often times, can be very beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic and acute pains. Learn some fast & simple therapies that could help keep you pain free! Learn 5 basic therapies that could be used for; Spine Pain & Tension, Hip, Knee & Neck Pain, Arthritis, Emotional Pain.
    -Length: 2 Hours
    -Cost: $30
    -Class Size: 10
    -at Psinergy: Wednesday, March 21st @ 7 PM ::Register
On the Edge... of Everything! with SchaOn & CathyOn the Edge… of Everything!

with SchaOn & Cathy

Join SchaOn and Cathy as well as a Special Guest the 2nd Sunday of each month from 11 AM to 1 PM CST as we talk about the latest news and updates in Holistic Healthcare, review of Products & Services for your Health & Well-being of the Mind Body and Soul, vitamins & minerals, talk about Conspiracies, or maybe even talk about UFO’s, crystal skulls & more! This month’s topic is on Artifical & Natural Sweeteners… and one that isn’t even required to be listed as an ingredient on food labels!You won’t know exactly what we’re going to be talking about during the 2 hours until you tune in. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or some hemp/almond milk, ask us questions live in the chat room, or even call us live on air to ask us questions and join in on the fun! Listen Live & Chat

“Life’s problems wouldn’t be called ‘hurdles’ if there wasn’t a way to get over them.” 
― Unknown
Clarity & Understanding with Great Strength for March 4

“I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace.” 
― Helen Keller

“It is truly said: It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide what to do.”
 Chow Ching

ReBalancing Karma

ReBalancing Karma

According to the Hindu tradition, Karma is the law of cause and effect. The translation from the ancient Indian Sanskrit means “action.”Karma is the fuel for human development, the option to recognize the principle of polarity and to understand it. Karma is not a bad thing. Instead, it is the learning material for this life.

Read More on ReBalancing Karma

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