A Strong Foundation allows you to weather the Storm…

We offer Esogetics & BodyTalk Access therapies in-office including: Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relays, Infra-Red, Induction, Crystals, I Ching, Dream, Karma & Bardo, Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, Tongue Analysis, Iridology, and more!
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A Strong Foundation allows you to weather the Storm... 1
A Strong Foundation allows you to weather the Storm... 2
A Strong Foundation allows you to weather the Storm... 3
Yesod / Foundation / Completion


Yesod / Foundation / Completion  : September is represented by the 9th sephira in the Tree of Life. Yesod, located on the center line of the body just above the pubic bone, deals with the Moon, astrologically Cancer, and hence, the element of Active Water.

Yesod, one of the most complex sephiroth; deals with the Ego, the I, and the Personality. Within the information of Yesod, we find what is called “The Filmstrip of Life”.  All ideas/thoughts and experiences are contained within Yesod as images & symbols. It is said that when a person is about to die, their life flashes in-front of their eyes, it could then be said that Yesod is releasing this information up through the previous sephiroth, which passes over the eyes, to the higher realms. Activating Yesod, in a healthy way, helps lead to vivid, and powerful dream states.

Any and all types of ‘energy’ that an individual possesses or acquires during this life is managed within Yesod. Through a positive transformation and use of this, the individual starts to climb the ladder of their own ‘self-responsability’. When Yesod is not healthy, people have a tendancy to become lazy and vain which distracts them from their lifepath or journey. When the individual gives into this, the person looses their own personal power.

The Foundation (Yesod) must be strong and maintained to support the House (Consciousness) during storms that may come it’s way. The ideas and experiences held within Yesod can, on one hand, create a protective barrier for the individual through their life journey… or on the other, it can encase and trap the individual within a prison of their own making, covering up their true core in a twisted attempt to protect them from the hostile outter world (creating a version of one’s own person hell).

Meditate on this symbol for 5 minutes a day through the month of September to help strengthen your Foundation and increase more vivid, healthy dreams. Alternately, you could also print off this symbol (make it about 2.5 inches) and place it just above the pubic bone on the front of the body and leave in place for about 5 minutes.

“The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.”
― Aesop
Holistic Health Monthly Membership

Monthly Memberships & other Deals

Monthly Membership includes:
  • 1 – 60 minute appointment every month
  • 20% off additional sessions in the month (so additional sessions are $52)
  • 10% off classes or workshops in the month
  • Acute Sick Care appointments only $15 (normally $25)
  • Drop-in Sound therapy sessions only $10 (normally $20 – that’s a 50% savings!) during office hours
A Strong Foundation allows you to weather the Storm... 4

Fall/Winter Hours

Monday: 4 to 8 PM
Tuesday: urgent appts only
Wednesday: 2 to 8 PM
Thursday: urgent appts only
Friday: 12 to 7 PM
Saturday: 12 to 6 PM
Sunday: urgent appts only

September Updates…

A Strong Foundation allows you to weather the Storm…

In this update:

  • Harvest Moon Festival by Moonlight & Magic ::A Day filled with Fun & Excitement! Classes/Workshops & More!
  • Group Audio Therapies :: 9-Weeks of Tranformation & 4-Weeks to Wholeness
  • Classes & Interactive Workshops :: Esogetics Basics, Sleep Balance, Allergies & More!
  • Yesod :: “The Filmstrip of Life”
  • Monthly Memberships & other Deals
  • Fall/Winter Hours :: Fall/Winter Hours started Sept. 1st
  • Meaning of Colors :: Orange
  • Loving your Computer with Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul
  • On the Edge of Everything with SchaOn & Cathy: “Keeping Spiritual Balance during the Political Storm Season”


Harvest Moon Festival by Moonlight & Magic

Expo & Workshops: 10 AM to 7 PM :: “Let their Voices be Heard” ~a Medium Gathering: 7 PM to 9 PMHarvest Moon, a Fall Holistic Healing, Psychic and Music Festival is Saturday, September 8th at the Millenium Hotel in Minneapolis at 1313 Nicollet Mall.

This event offers classes & workshops like:
 • “Intro to Moon Astrology” with Duncan Metzger
 • “Meeting your Guide” with Maggie Chula

Harvest Moon Workshop Schedule

 • “Divination Tools and You” with Alison James
 • “Activating your Spiritual DNA” with Jeanne Crescenzo
 • “Healing through Color, Light & Sound” with SchaOn Blodgett
 • “Everything you NEED to Know and More about Orchid Mist Healing” with Deb Heim
 • “Learning the Tarot” with Kathy Wilken
 • “Dancing with Dragons” with Carol McCormick
Vendors (products & services) include:
 • Good Intentions Soap with Cathy Jacobson
 • Psychic Lisa Andres
 • Aura Photography with Moon Wisdom
 • A Center for Enlightenment with Maggie Chula
 • Light of the Soul with Jeanne Crescenzo
 • Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness with SchaOn Blodgett
 • Shiatsu with Kyle French
 • Orchid Mist Healing with Deb Heim
 • Feng Shui with Nancy Jennissen
 • GEM LLC with Lisa Bursch
 • Hands on Healing with Catherine Canakes Franklin
 • Psychic Alison James
 • Reiki & Chakra Healing with Angela Jones
 • Intuitive Energy Healing with Diana Palm
 • Tarot with Kathy Wilken

Group Audio Therapies :: 9-Weeks of Transformation & 4-Weeks to Wholeness

In August we started the Group Audio therapies again! Currently, every Friday, we are doing a process called “9-Weeks of Transformation” which helps to clear blockages through the dream state and allowing for a harmonizing effect between the Conscious and Sub-Conscious minds, and in-turn, allows you to access more of your own innate knowledge or information. Each session is $15 (and $9 for Psinergy Natural Health Monthly Members). Click here for more information on 9-Weeks of Transformation.Starting the first week of October, we will also be added back the 4-Weeks to Wholeness Series! This was a VERY popular series last Spring, and when I stopped doing it, I had several people asking to bring it back. These group audio therapies (which consist of Psychosomatic Balance and Wholeness therapies for the Mind, Body and Soul), will be each Monday evening starting at 7:15 PM. Each session is $15 (and Free for Psinergy Natural Health Monthly Members). Click here for more information about 4-Weeks to Wholeness.

Classes, Interactive Workshops & More…

One of the biggest differences when you are receiving therapies with us is that we are giving you therapies to do on yourself at-home between your appointments. From time-to-time, we also teach classes to help you get a deeper knowledge of various therapies you can do on yourself, and loved ones.

  • Esogetics Basics: a 4-hour Class where you learn about the wide depth of What Is Esogetics and what it encompasses. You learn about 9 of the main modalities, the Esogetics Model and what the 16-colors are used for. You also experience the Name I-Ching (which you get to take home with you), as well as an Audio Therapy.
       Upcoming Dates: Thurs., 9/13 at 6 PM and Sat., 10/20 at 2 PM
       Cost: Free
  • Colorpuncture for Sleep Balance: (4-Hour Workshop) Sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to our health. Having a harder time falling asleep, waking up, or not dreaming could lead to very serious concerns. In this class, learn some very simple ways of balancing your cirdadian rhythms to help optimize your sleep!
       Upcoming Dates: Sat., 9/22 at Noon
       Cost: $60
  • Natural Therapies for Allergies: (4-Hour Workshop) Allergies are one of the most problematic and frustrating things we go through as they affect our entire being by making us exhausted, irritable, hard to breath, and more. In this class, gain tools to help fight this and bring your body back into balance!
    Upcoming Dates: Sat., 10/6 at Noon
    Cost: $80
  • Love & Dream Disk Crystals Workshop: (8-Hour Workshop) Learn, Discover & Experience how to use the Esogetics Love & Dream Disks for Overall Well-being,
    11 Powerful therapies to help resolve conflicts and recharge your being during the dream state … 7 therapies to help unlock the hidden knowledge within yourself to release the spiritual causes of pain, the grief behind sinus issues, energy issues, and much more! 1 Master therapy no one should be without…
       Upcoming Dates: Sat., 11/3 at Noon
    Cost: $145
A Strong Foundation allows you to weather the Storm... 5
This month our topic is about “Keeping your Spiritual Balance during the Political Storm Season“. Join in as Cathy and SchaOn talk about their own personal experience and what they have tried to keep their balance, call in to share your viewpoints as we think this is a topic that needs to be talked about now. PS… this show is NOT about politics.

 *We will also be talking about a LOT of the upcoming expos this fall and about the recent Harvest Moon Festival & Medium Gathering!*
 So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or some hemp/almond milk, ask us questions live in the chat room, or even call us live on air and join in on the fun!
Esogetics Love Disk

The color Orange

Orange – Is a mixture of Red and Yellow, and is used when you want benefits of both Red and Yellow. Orange is the color of Happiness, joy, warmth of the heart and kindness. Orange is mostly used in psychological ailments as it helps to up-lift the mood, and at the same time encourages the system to “flush.” Orange is used often with chronic fatigue, pessimism, psychotic attacks, depression, fear, listlessness, anemia, weight loss and insufficiencies of the heart. Orange is also a great color while at work as it brings strength, and helps to cheer you up.

We keep Computer Repair Simple.

Computer Repairs & Services

Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul offers affordable computer repair services.Bring Balance & Harmony back to your computing experience!

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