Ending the Old, Bringing in the New

Ending the Old, Bringing in the New 1

by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT


This is generally the time of year where we bustle around and stress ourselves out more than any other time. Family obligations, finding the ‘right’ gift for those special someones, having to prepare a Turkey (and you don’t want to give anyone food poisoning), hot dishes, hams, etc.

I am always amazed that the stress hasn’t killed us when December 31st arrives and we celebrate the ending of the old year, and rejoice in the possibilities of the new, and to have realized we made it through the hectic November and December ‘Holiday’ Season. At the stroke of Midnight, we look back through the previous year, searching our soul and consciousness for the ‘perfect’ New Year’s Resolution that will hopefully make us a better person; Losing weight, quitting smoking, stop swearing, actually using that gym membership, being happy inside/with ourselves, not dating ‘losers’, and the list goes on.

The reason, I believe, that we make ‘New Year Resolutions’ is because it is at this time that the sun begins to grow again. Many of us are familiar with setting intentions on either the New Moon or the Full Moon, though, I don’t think many of us have truly thought about the intentions we set (or should we say resolutions), on the ‘New’ Sun… aka the Winter Solstice, or the ‘Full’ Sun, aka the Summer Solstice. I would go to say… that on some level of our being though, we know this, though have forgotten the tools that we each carry within.

As a culture, we enjoy making the New Year’s Resolutions… and sometimes more so, seeing how long we can last before falling flat on our faces trying to manifest our ‘Resolution’. At some point in life, people eventually give up on making resolutions, seeing themselves, on some level, as not being worthy of accomplishment and positive success. This year, I want to help by giving you two powerful and transformative tools.

Ending the Old, Bringing in the New 2

The first tool helps with shifting negative thinking in the subconscious mind, and reprogramming it with positive thinking of what you want to bring in, and the best part is… it’s simple. Simply say, “Why is it sooooo easy…” to do X-Y-Z. For example, “Why is it so easy to have the time to work out”, or “Why is it so easy to go to the gym to work out”, “Why is it so easy to adjust to change”, “Why is it so easy to feel rested when waking up”, “Why is it so easy to relax”, “Why is it so easy to think positively”, “Why is it so easy to attract good things into my life”, and so on and so forth. Now, if you want to amplify this, you can tap on both sides of your head at the same time while saying it twice, then tap on your chest while saying it twice.

Now, keep in mind, some of the blockages may be very deep, or might not be exactly what you need to do to shift it… though it will help.

Ending the Old, Bringing in the New 3The next tool helps with changing what you magnetize and draw to you. This tool is also very, amazingly easy, and when you get it correct… often times, people will feel discomfort in their chest, or something stuck in the throat, and this is when you know this is something you need to work with. I have even had some people cry after saying this. This tool is “I AM Worthy!”. The key to this one though is figuring out what your subconscious is telling you that you are unworthy of, what were you programmed to think you were not worthy of. For some people, it’s happiness, others it is success and abundance, others it may be a sense of self, or others… feeling worthy of Love. So, how you can use this tool (after you figure out the previous area) is by saying “I am Worthy of XYZ”; “I am Worth of Love”, “I am Worthy of Being Successful”, “I am Worthy of having Money”, “I am Worth of having a Loving and Fulfilling Relationship”, etc.

Have a blessed, and exciting Winter Solstice, and New Year. It is easy to grow, transform and prosper… because YOU are Worthy of ALL your Heart’s Desires, Hopes, Dreams, Ambitions  Happiness and Love in all its abundant forms, unconditionally, and without limits.

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