Feb Newsletter: What our Pains tell us and Saturday Deals

into 2013, there’s no turning back!

…a February

In this update:

  • Feb Newsletter: What our Pains tell us and Saturday Deals 1New
    : Anti-Aging
  • Article: “What
    our Pain tells us – and the Stress it
  • Example of Collaboration: “an
    Awesome Article about Collaboration and
  • Pain Help: Turmeric
    Extract Puts Drugs For Knee
    Osteoarthritis To Shame
  • February Deal: $35
  • Meaning of Colors:
    The 3 Grays
  • Start the New Year out right with
  • Monthly Memberships for
    Families, Individuals & New Transmitter
    Relay 3-month Membership
  • Next Newsletter Preview: No
    clue yet – but I’m sure it will be AWESOME!

New Services
:: Anti-Aging

Many people ask André and I
how we stay youthful looking
when we are constantly on the
go… this is how!
Esogetics Color Face MaskThe
signs of aging tell us much more
than just a person is getting
old, it can tell us a wide
variety of things. For example,
wrinkles on the forehead tell us
that a person is a heavy
Thinker, and often times they
get stuck in these thoughts,
which can create stress and
tension in the back.

So, what if it were possible to
help reduce the signs of aging,
while also helping to release
the stress that helped cause
these signs to start out with?

The Anti-Aging services are
specifically for this,
addressing not only the sign of
the aging, but helping you
release the stress as well.

Light therapies SchaOn
has been trained in for specific
Anti-Aging effects include:

  • Thinker Wrinkles
  • Fighter Wrinkles (wrinkles
    in-between the eyebrows)
  • Upper-lip Wrinkles
  • Basic Skin treatments
  • Acne
  • Skin Firming & Cellulite
  • Scar Therapies

In the Initial Session, which is an
hour and 1/2 long, we concentrate on
increasing the cellular vibrance as
well as the specific wrinkle set.
This provides a mild-detox to the
system, and helps for the skin to
start glowing again and to look more

Follow-up sessions are then only 30
minutes in length, and are schedule
either weekly, or twice per week
depending on how fast you want to
go. These therapies are very
relaxing, and you will also learn
about various herbs/teas and
supplements to help the process
along. Note: It is recommended to
have at least a minimum of 5 session
for each wrinkle set (Initial plus 4

*As always, these statements
(or any other in our
newsletters, etc), have not been
evaluated by the FDA. This is
not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure or prevent any disease.

Schedule an Anti-Aging Session today!

“What our Pain tells
us – and the Stress it causes”


SchaOn has a Featured Article published
in this month’s Edge Magazine! The
February edition of the Edge is talking
about Stress and how you can over come
that to allow more of your awesome self
shine through!

Feb Newsletter: What our Pains tell us and Saturday Deals 2

My article is talking about “What our
Pain Tells us – and the Stress it
Causes”. This is a very good article to
read because it helps you to start
looking at how your stress is
manifesting within your body – how it is
linked and the causal chain of the
dis-ease/dis-comfort, and when you have
those two pieces of information, it
gives you a place to start from – as a
place to start often times is tough to
find when we are stressed and burnt-out.
Taking the article to the next step
would be to Ask Yourself a question
about the pain. For example, we
talk about in the article, with neck
pain being about inflexible thinking,
you can ask yourself: “How can I bemore
flexible in my thinking and release my
pain in my neck?”. Keep asking yourself
this, as the Universe will start to set
the stage to show you how you can be
more flexible in your thinking, though
be aware, at first, you will hesitate in
wanting to be flexible in your thoughts,
keep asking yourself, and the Universe
will keep presenting you with
opportunities to become more flexible,
and in turn, the Spiritual cause starts
to unravel, which then will come into
your mental-emotional state, and
eventually will manifest into your
physical reality, aka the body. Another
way to word this question would be to
say “Why is it so easy to be flexible
in my thinking and thoughts so I can
release my pain in my neck?”
Read the full article at http://edgemagazine.net/2013/02/pain/.
Feel free to share your thoughts and
your journey.

Feb Newsletter: What our Pains tell us and Saturday Deals 3

Awesome Article on
Collaboration & Unity

This is another
moving article in
the February edition
of the Edge
Magazine, and so I
feel I need to share
it. This article is
about 3 Psychics
that came together
to form a group
called “Psychics in
the Cities”.
These 3 are a great
example of what we
need to see in our
world. The statement
collaboration) is
one thing that we
really like to push
forward. That does
make us unique right
now, but not for
long”, is so true. I
am already seeing
more and more of
that happening in
2013. And even
though we have
talked about it
in-depth for years
now… the action IS
happening now!
Thank you Kayla
Wright, Judie
Randall and Debra
Battenfeld for being
a Shining example of
what the world needs
and is going towards
Take a moment and
read this moving
pieced, “The
Power of 3: An
interview with
Psychics in the


Monthly Memberships

are now offering 2 Levels of Monthly

  • Individual
    +incl. 1-60 minute session every
    +3 Drop-In Sound Therapy
    +20% off additional appts in the
    +10% off classes,
    +Free Group Sessions,
    +other discounts!
  • Family Memberships (or)
    Premium Individual
    +incl. 4-60 minute sessions
    every month,
    +12 Drop-In Sound Therapy
    +20% off additional appts in the
    +10% off classes,
    +Free Group Sessions,
    +other discounts!
  • Transmitter 3-month
    +4 – 90 minute Transmitter
    sessions every month
    ($105.50/session, savings =
    +12 sessions are done over a
    3-month period
    +20% off additional
    appointments through the
    +10% off classes, workshops,
    group sessions, etc
    +Group Audio Sessions are
    now Free!
    +$25 Acute Sick Care
    Appointments (normally $35)
    +$10 Drop-In Audio/Sound
    Therapies (normally $20 –
    50% savings!)
    +Members Receive 3 Drop-in
    Audio/Sound therapies with
    their membership!
    +Membership stops renewal
    after 3 times

Enroll Today
Pain Help: Turmeric Extract
puts Drugs for Knee
Osteoarthritis to Shame

Feb Newsletter: What our Pains tell us and Saturday Deals 4Millions
take non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs
(NSAIDs) daily for arthritis
and related inflammatory
conditions, but are
completely unaware that far
safer, and at least as
effective, natural
alternatives already exist
— and are as easily
accessible and inexpensive
as the spices found in your
kitchen cupboard.

$35 Saturday’s!

$35 Holistic Health Saturday's
a 1-hour appointment for $35
on any Saturday through the
end of February 2013.

In this session, you get the
same fantastic therapies in
the Overall Wellness

1 to 2 therapies are done in
the 60 minute Session, as
well as before and after
Kirlian photos. At-Home
treatments (aka homework)
may also be encouraged,
which help to speed up
treatment, and decrease the
overall cost of therapy.

(Initial Clients get a 90
minute session for $35)


Schedule a Saturday Session

Feb Newsletter: What our Pains tell us and Saturday Deals 5

The Meaning of Colors


lors –
Grey is a mixture of all the
colors, and hence, has the
benefits from all the
colors. We utilize three
shades of grey; a light
grey, medium grey and a dark
grey. Each then would have
varying degree of each
color, and is used for very
stuck structures, and
essentially is bombarded
with massive amounts of
information and energy to
get the structure to move,
and allowing for a

Feb Newsletter: What our Pains tell us and Saturday Deals 6

Start the New Year right with

The Transmitter Relays (also called
the “Watchman of the Gate”)
a specific segment of therapies
within the Esogetics system that
specifically deal with the life
lessons or life patterns that have
been created, and hence what will be
created based on previously
experienced life patterns
(conflicts). The therapy of the
Transmitter Relays is one
possibility for soul transformation.
The transmitter relays, if done in
its entirety, are done over 12 weeks
(1 session/week), though a shorter
segment of 6 sessions is possible by
only going through the first 4


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