Rhythm of Spring, Blue Light possible next Gen Antibiotic & Events this coming week

Rhythms of the Season, Blue Light may be
next Gen Antibiotic & Upcoming Events

…a March

In this update:

  • Article on Dr. Mercola’s website:
    “Blue Light and Sunshine may be next Gen
    Weapon against Antibiotic-Resistant
    Infections”Rhythm of Spring, Blue Light possible next Gen Antibiotic & Events this coming week 1
  • This Friday:
    4-Weeks of Wholeness continues with the
  • Rhythms of the Season: What
    is the Rhythm of Spring?
  • Expos in March (updated
    Awesome Expos, Expert Panels & more!
  • Edge Radio: New
  • $35 Saturday’s: $35
    Saturday’s extended!
  • Monthly Memberships for
    Families, Individuals & New Transmitter
    Relay 3-month Membership
  • Next Newsletter Preview: Updates
    from the Symbol Updates Seminar
    (Polarity, Trinity and Quadrature
    therapies with the Gold/Silver, Greys
    and Elemental Crystals) SchaOn took on
    March 10th

Could Blue Light Replace

Below is a clip from an
article on Dr. Mercola’s
website talking about the
benefits of Blue Light. It’s
a fairly long article,
though well worth the read!

“In the study, lab
animals were infected with
P. aeruginosa. Incredibly,
ALL of the animals treated
with blue light survived
while 82 percent of the
controls died. Could this
possibly be the beginning of
a whole new treatment
paradigm for infections?
Clearly, we’re nearing the
end of the road of the
antibiotic era, as
Blue light therapy has
also been shown effective
against MRSA and other
resistant bugs, offering new
hope for effective
In a previous study
published in 2009,3 over 90
percent of community
acquired and hospital
acquired strains of MRSA
were successfully eradicated
within mere minutes of
exposure to blue light.
According to the authors:”

From my Esogetics

Blue –
Blue is used for loosening
cramps and tension, induce
relaxation, treating
infected wounds, decreasing
fever, pain, swollen limbs,
sleeplessness and heavy
bleeding, menopause. Blue
also helps ADD/ADHD children
study as it allows for
stillness, quietness and


4-Weeks to
Wholeness Series

We are continuing our Sound
Therapy journey this month with
the 4-Weeks to Wholeness. Drop
in for just one, or all 4.

Rhythm of Spring, Blue Light possible next Gen Antibiotic & Events this coming week 2Over
a 4 week period, we will
focus on the Body (Matter),
Mind (Information), and Soul
(Energy), and realigning
into a wholeness of these 3
aspects of our being through
Esogetics Sound Therapies
and Meditation. This program
is designed to activate and
optimize brain, body and
spirit functions, and help
to bring in the “Bardo”
information, open Kundalini
energy & more!
Cost: $10 (Free for Members)
**New Time: 6:30 PM**
Weekly Meditation
  • 3/15 = Mind /
    Information (Sensibility /
    Perception and
  • 3/22 = Body / Matter
    (Elimination and
    Detoxification / Activation
    of Cellular Communication)
  • 3/29 = Spirit / Energy
    (Sensitivity / Feeling and
What is the
“Wholeness of the
“Spirit” focuses on the
thalamus. This organ of
our brain controls all
of the sensory
perceptions and is
considered the door to
our consciousness,
because it “switches“
the stimulus of the
inner and outer world to
the cerebral cortex.
Every irritation of the
thalamus function is
accompanied by a shift
in the perception and
consciousness. For this
reason, the regulation
and activation of the
thalamus is of the
greatest importance for
the awareness and
consciousness. The
frequencies used for
this CD have a
regulating and
activating effect.
*As always, these statements (or
any other in our newsletters, etc),
have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Rhythms of the Seasons: Spring

Yaaaa! Spring is finally here it seems,
though not official for about another
week. This is an exciting time as many
people look at it as a time of re-birth,
new beginnings and new life.
One of the things often over looked are
‘down sides’ or negative aspects that we
also can see during the rhythms of the
seasons. When we have a poor
relationship with the energies of Spring
– namely the energies of the Liver and
Gallbladder, the repressed and buried
anger can boil to the surface, the eyes
fill with rage and in full bloom, turns
into shouting which leaves a sour taste
in others’ mouths, though at the end,
can leave the person in tears.
In Natural/Holistic Health, we see that
Spring directly ties to the energies of
the Liver and Gallbladder and the
element of Fire…
March is a Month for Expos!


Rhythm of Spring, Blue Light possible next Gen Antibiotic & Events this coming week 3

March is a very busy month when
it comes to expos, and a great
time to start coming out of
the cocoon of Winter. Here are
some expos going on around the
Twin Cities:
Rhythm of Spring, Blue Light possible next Gen Antibiotic & Events this coming week 4Latest Episode:
Sunday, March 10th, 7 to
9 PM

This months topics: Spring,
New Beginnings, MN GMO Bill
& MN Right to Know, Body
Mind Life Expo, Beyond
Conspiracy, Farmers and the
USDA Court Issues, Food
Safety & Soft-Ripened Raw
Milk Cheeses, and much more!

Listen to Podcast

Join us the 2nd Sunday of
each month from 7 PM to 9 PM
CST as we talk about the
latest news and updates in
Holistic Healthcare, review
of Products & Services for
your Health & Well-being of
the Mind Body and Soul,
vitamins & minerals, talk
about Conspiracies, or maybe
even talk about UFO’s,
crystal skulls & more!

So, grab a cup of coffee,
tea or some hemp/almond
milk, ask us questions live
in the chat room, or even
call us live on air and join
in on the fun!

$35 Saturday’s

$35 Holistic Health Saturday's
a 1-hour appointment
for $35 on any
Saturday through the
end of March 2013.

In this session, you
get the same
fantastic therapies
in the Overall
Wellness Services:

1 to 2 therapies are
done in the 60
minute Session, as
well as before and
after Kirlian
photos. At-Home
treatments (aka
homework) may also
be encouraged, which
help to speed up
treatment, and
decrease the overall
cost of therapy.

(Initial Clients get
a 90 minute session
for $44)

Schedule a Saturday Session
Monthly Memberships

We are now offering 2 Levels of
Monthly Memberships, as well as a
comprehensive Multi-Month therapy

  • Individual
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    +3 Drop-In Sound Therapy
    +20% off additional appts in the
    +10% off classes,
    +Free Group Sessions,
    +other discounts!
  • Family Memberships (or)
    Premium Individual
    +incl. 4-60 minute sessions
    every month,
    +12 Drop-In Sound Therapy
    +20% off additional appts in the
    +10% off classes,
    +Free Group Sessions,
    +other discounts!
  • Transmitter 3-month
    +4 – 90 minute Transmitter
    sessions every month
    ($105.50/session, savings =
    +12 sessions are done over a
    3-month period
    +20% off additional
    appointments through the
    +10% off classes, workshops,
    group sessions, etc
    +Group Audio Sessions are
    now Free!
    +$25 Acute Sick Care
    Appointments (normally $35)
    +$10 Drop-In Audio/Sound
    Therapies (normally $20 –
    50% savings!)
    +Members Receive 3 Drop-in
    Audio/Sound therapies with
    their membership!
    +Membership stops renewal
    after 3 times

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