21-Day Challenge: Breath

21-Day Challenge: Breath 1


21-Day Challenge: Breath

Here is a relaxing, and easy thing to try for the next 21-Days for overall general well being and helping the system to become dynamic and communicating better with itself.

Step 1:

21-Day Challenge: Breath 2
Set a timer for 10 minutes. You can use the timer on your cell phone, a kitchen timer, etc.Step 2:
Sit in a Chair, on the Floor or anywhere comfortable, with correct posture if possible.

Step 3:
Now, take a really deep breath through the Nose. Fill ALL the spaces of your lungs. Allow for you chest to lift up, and your abdomen to push out. Feel your back open up and your rib cage expand.

Step 4:
Exhale through your Mouth.

Step 5:
Repeat this cycle until the timer goes off. Pay attention to your Breathing Cycle. Notice the speed of your breath, is it easy and relaxed, or hurried and brash – Try each time to breath a little deeper, and exhale just a little more. Is there a stuck area in your body? If so, can you tell yourself it’s OK to let that go?

Step 6:
How do you feel after? How does your mind and body feel?  What did you become aware of? What changed?

The breathe is a crucial part of every moment of our life. As we breath in, we are filling the depths of every aspect of ourselves with needed life, and when we exhale, the system scans the breathe to find areas that need attention, healing, and light. When we breath in again, it works on trying to address those areas. Breathing in through the nose and out the mouth helps to clear the physical level of a person, whereas breathing in and out through the nose helps to clear the mind. Remember, you always want to clear the body first as the physical foundation needs to be strong.
Studies have shown that paying attention to your breath for at least 7 minutes in a day helps to relax the Parasympathetic Nervous System, allowing the person to feel more relaxed, more at peace and whole. We also see that it helps the cells relax, allow for them to release more toxins and to re-hydrate more effectively.
More about Breathing:

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