People are Toys?

People are Toys? 1

by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

“Wait? WHAT? Excuse me! People are Toys? How could anyone with an ounce of consciousness even think that?!” I hear thoughts about big ‘evil’ CEO’s, large corporations, and people being used and abused for the gain of others, war, crime, abuse and more.

When this notion first crossed my mind… my first thought was, “Wow, that seems kind of abusive towards people, and doesn’t at all sound that humble to me. Eeek!” While I do tend to be pretty mindful of my thoughts, feelings and emotions – and those that I have picked up from others, this thought didn’t trail from my mind, instead it lingered a bit allowing me to ponder it even more and letting me know that I have some attachment to the theme of this thought, and forcing me to ask myself question after question, confronting several very interesting points of views that I had created for myself over the years.

People are Toys? 2Interestingly, a little time before this I had been reminded of some of the Access Consciousness sayings and had been diving back into those, so I said to myself “Wow… that’s an interesting point of view on that point of view that I have” a few times, and waited. Suddenly my mind went towards babies playing with wooden building blocks with numbers and letters on them, smashing them, beating them together, biting them, and gnawing on them. I realize the reason I was seeing this is because of the thought “People are Toys”… and I kind of laugh to myself for a brief moment because of the odd imagery. I say with a very puzzled, yet slightly amused look on my face, “Do I think that people, including myself, are toys that are meant to be smashed up against each other, gnawed on, beaten, used and potentially destroyed because they are too stupid to know better?” Before I miss a beat I say “That’s an interesting point of view of the point of view I have.”

To say the least… my guides, other personalities, or other aspects of my consciousness, did find this slightly comical because I obviously was not getting it yet and laughed then said… “WHAT are those children doing? Look again…”

I try to replay the scene within my mind’s eye once again, though this time I see more things happening. I see additional children playing with these blocks, looking at them inquisitively, some children are putting them on top of each other seeing how they might balance, and others are looking at the numbers and letters. The children begin to grow and the wooden blocks transform into dump trucks, dolls and video games. I then realize that in the first vision I saw it wasn’t about the babies destroying and wrecking their toys, instead they were learning about the textures of them, the sounds that they make and so much more! I then hear “Now do you understand?”, and I exclaimed, “I think I do!”

So, how are People Toys? Simple. People are upgraded wooden blocks; they help us to learn about who we are, what we are, what we can do, what we are restricted, or not, in doing within the reality we create, and that we can alter and augment that reality. It is not about destruction, but about learning. The ‘Toys’ help to instill within us various forms of knowledge, wisdom and other teachings along the way through our experiences, and guiding our ever-evolving consciousness.


What are we still learning?

You don’t need to answer that… just be ok with allowing for yourself to grow, to change, to ask questions in every moment, and remember to approach every situation as if you are a baby first learning how your fingers work, and how those wooden blocks clunk together. Remember: Babies learn fast  – so if you can keep your mindset there, is it possible for you to also learn fast? It’s also ok to be naïve, as being naive is not stupidity or an inadequacy; instead it is looking at something with a fresh, never before seen perspective, allowing to be shown the simplicity of nature without the artificial, and allows you to experience additional, new possibilities through questioning, experiencing and testing. Allow for yourself to be amazed, look at every situation, every person, as if they were a puzzle that you are learning to put together to see the bigger picture. You might get it right and wrong on the first time [or three] you try, it’s neither good nor bad, and you may have to destroy and uncreate what you previously thought was reality… it is ok… because you, as well as everyone, is learning, growing, ever changing and evolving.


So, what else is possible? Just ask!

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