11/22/2015: Phagos (fah-gors), or Beech 1

11/22/2015: Phagos (fah-gors), or Beech

The energy lately around a lot of people has been that something needs to change. In light of all of the attacks (locally, nationally, and internationally) that have been occurring, there is a strong need for something different. We need to change a habit, a pattern, a thought, physical changes, etc.,[...]
Gort (GORT), or Ivy Ogham

9/27/2015: Gort (GORT), or Ivy

Amidst the energy of the full moon/lunar eclipse/blood moon/super moon and the lingering effects of Mercury Retrograde, it seems a lot of us are still feeling very confused or overwhelmed. Last week Uilleand was trying to help out of our labyrinths we’ve been finding ourselves stuck in. Either some of us are[...]
Ioho (E-yo), or Yew Ogham

8/9/2015: Ioho (E-yo), or Yew

Once again, Ioho is coming to chat with us.  (It’s really difficult not to make Yew jokes. Especially around the Psinergy office.) Ioho was the Wood of the Week 2 weeks ago to let us know that change and rebirth is coming. Well, now he’s telling us the change is here.[...]
People are Toys? 2

People are Toys?

by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT “Wait? WHAT? Excuse me! People are Toys? How could anyone with an ounce of consciousness even think that?!” I hear thoughts about big ‘evil’ CEO’s, large corporations, and people being used and abused for the gain of others, war, crime, abuse and more. When this[...]

The Movement of Change brings Transformation… :: August Newsletter

We offer Esogetics & BodyTalk Access therapies in-office including: Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relays, Infra-Red, Induction, Crystals, I Ching, Dream, Karma & Bardo, Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, Tongue Analysis, Iridology, and more! (612) 217-HEAL / (612) 217-4325 Friend on Facebook Follow on Twitter Forward to a Friend Hod Hod / Transformation / Change  : August is represented[...]
Change 9


  •“”Only that which changes and pushes forward in the stream of times carries the ‘spirit of individuality’.”

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