9/27/2015: Gort (GORT), or Ivy

Gort (GORT), or Ivy Ogham

Amidst the energy of the full moon/lunar eclipse/blood moon/super moon and the lingering effects of Mercury Retrograde, it seems a lot of us are still feeling very confused or overwhelmed. Last week Uilleand was trying to help out of our labyrinths we’ve been finding ourselves stuck in. Either some of us are still struggling or we found a new labyrinth to get stuck in. We can’t catch a break, right?

Luckily (though annoying) this time is getting us ready for big changes ahead. Gort is another ally to help us get through all of this stuff. She helps us stay on our path even if we are blind to where the path is. I often relate to her as a compass in the fog. Just focus on where she is pointing you, and you’ll be out of the labyrinth in no time. Gort also allows us to find a place to breathe and gain some clarity before moving into the next step. If you find after this labyrinth that you’re still in the middle of the forest: enjoy the company of some wise friends with stories to tell on the whispers of the wind. You’ll find healing.

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