Happy Summer and July Newsletter!

Happy Summer and July Newsletter!

…a July Update

In this update:

Happy Summer and July Newsletter! 1

  • Happy July:
    Awesome News and other stuff!
  • In the News:
    GreenMedInfo article, “Biophotons:
    The Human Body Emits,
    Communicates with, and is Made
    from Light”
  • The Abhyanga:
    Do this before showering and
    start the day out right!
  • Upcoming Events:
    Fun stuff to do this summer!
  • Memberships:
    Monthly Memberships got better!

  • Popular Past Articles
  • Holistic Therapy Highlight: Coordination
    10 to help sleep

Happy July…

Awesome News and
other stuff!The first thing that
we would like to
announce is that
SchaOn has been
accepted as an
Esogetics Lay
Instructor with the U.S.
will be completing
his training in this
on Sunday, July
14th! Watch for
classes to start
coming out in
September! Woot Woot!

Additionally with
everything going on,
we are moving back
the debut of the
Psinergy Balance
Radio to August 8th

Lastly, June
and July have been
pretty emotionally
just about everyone,
causing bursts of
emotional upheaval,
long nights of
sleeplessness, and
other taxing and
stressful things.
Below you find
Coordination 10 that
could help quiet the
mind before bed.
Additionally, this
is a GREAT time to
come in for an
appointment and
start releasing this
emotional garbage in
a more healthy way.


Schedule Appointment
*As always, these
statements (or any other in
our newsletters, etc), have
not been evaluated by the
FDA. This is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease.

Biophotons: The Human Body
Emits, Communicates with, and is
Made from Light…

Original Article Published
on GreenMedInfo,
June 25, 2013Psinergy’s
Esogetics, the premise is
totally about Light and
Biophotonic communication.
For example, the Colorpuncture therapies
of Esogetics are believed to
help introduce correcting
information into the
Acupuncture, Reflexology,
Marma and other sensitive
points, whereas the Crystal
 help to bring
up that biophotonic
communication, reorganize
that information and
communication, as well as to
active the innate
holographic pattern that we
all carry. The Ophthalmotropic
Genetic therapies
, which
are based off Iridology
principles, is believed to
touch the aspect of light
representative of the DNA.

GreenMedInfo Article: “Increasingly
science agrees with the poetry of
direct human experience:  we are
more than the atoms and molecules
that make up our bodies, but beings
of light as well. Biophotons are
emitted by the human body, can be
released through mental intention,
and may modulate fundamental
processes within cell-to-cell
communication and DNA.” [read
the full article

Happy Summer and July Newsletter! 2
The Abhyanga

This is
something that
SchaOn and André
have been doing
now for a few

Happy Summer and July Newsletter! 3The
Abhyanga, or the
Ayurvedic Daily
Massage, has
been used for
thousands of
years, and
enhances the
complexion and
luster of the
skin, promotes
longevity and
nourishes all
parts of the
body! [Find
out more about
the Abhyanga
]Want to
try some of the
Ayurvedic styles
of massage? Give
Keri Mangis a
shout at 612-599-9668 or
find her online
at www.elementsayurveda.com

Upcoming Events

You’re Invited!


Every Friday from 7-10

Friday Chat & Play

Monthly Wellness Memberships

Wellness doesn’t just
happen, it is something
that is always
happening. Work Stress,
Chaos at Home, problems
with friends all throw
us off our center,
helping to contribute in
a decline of our overall
Wellness.Regular Wellness
Sessions are important
for anyone who wants be
in their center, happy &
healthy. A Monthly
Wellness membership is
also a fantastic way to
budget in regular
Holistic Wellness

We offer multiple levels
of memberships to fit
your Holistic Wellness

  • Individual
  • Individual+
  • Family
  • Transmitter 3 month

More about Monthly Wellness


Therapy Highlight:
Coordination 10

Coordination 10These
3 points are fantastic
when you are having
issues falling asleep,
waking up, or are


  • Blue: Sleep
    Cranial Stress or
  • Violet:
  • Orange: Wakes the
    mind up


Do in Blue shortly
before bed for issues
with sleep, or in Violet
during the day if you
are feeling restless,
your anxiety is up, or
processing a bunch of
emotional garbage.
Orange helps to wake up
the mind.

Each point is irradiated
(non-laser light) with
the specific color for
20 seconds.

Point 1: Yin
eyebrows straight up
from nose).

Point 2: GV20 (go
from the top of the ears
and in-line with the
nose. This is the Center
of the Skull).

Point 3: GV19 (this
is about 4 fingerwidths
back from GV20. You will
find a little
indentation in the skull

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