Support for the Immune System

Support for the Immune System 1
With the cold and flu season upon us, it is always good to
have a few things on hand as if and when it hits, most people don’t want to
leave the house. Also, everyone currently gets 5% off their entire order
through the dispensary, while Monthly
Wellness Members
 receive an additional 10% off (so, they are receiving
15%). Now, keep in mind, I’m not saying to get everything on the list,
though it is probably good to try a few things this season.
 is a fantastic homeopathic remedy that many people
swear by for helping to reduce the length of flu-like symptoms. It is
non-drowsy, doesn’t interact with other medications or herbs and works
naturally with the body. I’ve attached the links for 30 and 6 doses, as well
as the Children’s formula.

Additionally, I’ve attached to the
newsletter some Elderberry products. Elderberry is a nice
traditional high antioxidant fruit, has anti-infective properties and has
been shown to prevent the flu virus from spreading from cell to cell. In
studies, it was shows to be effective with influenza strains A & B to
shorten the duration from 7 days down to 4! Keep in mind, the
Elderberry Zinc lozenges are an entire case — though if you would like
only a bag, we will have them in the clinic within the next day or two.

Next we have Calcium, Magnesium & ZincZinc is
a mineral that helps to boost the immune system, while magnesium (something
almost everyone is deficient in) help relax the cell walls allowing them to
absorb more nutrients, hydration as well as let go of waste… and has a
host of other benefits too long to put in the quick email.

After that
I have listed some oils for Abhyangas (Self
Oil Massage). Sesame oil is good for all the doshas, while the
Ashwagandha/Bala oil is really good for people who want to build strength,
have nerve pain, muscle spams, and congestion. Additionally as we will be
entering the full swing of Kapha Season in January (though the Kapha is
already accumulating outside [snow], as well as inside for many people/slow
digestion, sinus congestion, mucusy bowels, etc), the Kapha Oil is great for
those of the Kapha dosha, or those whose Kapha is out of balance.

Next are a few Essential Oils for the home. The Invincible
Immunity by Amrita (we’ve personally used this) utilizes traditional oils
that are meant to help boost the immune system and cleanse the air. Next,
I’ve listed Peppermint Oil as mice and rodents do not like it. You can try
adding a couple of drops onto your furnace filter (for a whole house
effect), or on cotton balls that you can put in areas the mice frequent.
Additionally, Peppermint helps to open the sinuses and is great for

Last is Silver Hydrosol. Sovereign
Silver is one of the leaders when it comes to colloidal and hydrosol
silvers. Silvers are great for every infection known by my understanding,
and no virus/bacteria has defenses against this. I use this often instead of
hand sanitizer (as many hand sanitizers have endocrine disrupters, or I’ll
put it into an air diffuser, add it to furnace filters, etc.

In the Clinic
Some items that we have in our office not
available via the online dispensary are:

  • Breathe Free by Organic India
  • Bowelcare by Organic India
  • Trikatu by Organic India (really good for
    slow digestion)
  • Ashwagandha by Organic India
  • Immune Support by Banyan Botanicals
  • Triphala by Organic India
  • Tulsi Essential Oil
  • Traumeel
  • Auromere Natural Hand & Body Lotion
  • *new* Auromere Sulfate Free Shampoo Bars
  • Auromere SLS, Mint & Flouride Free
    Toothpaste (homeopathic safe)
  • and much, much more, so stop on in and
    check it out!

To your Holistic Health,
SchaOn, André and the Team here at Psinergy!

Oscillococcinum 30 Dose
Oscillococcinum 30 Dose
by Boiron


Children's Oscillococcinum® 6 doses
Children’s Oscillococcinum® 6 doses
by Boiron


Oscillococcinum® 6 doses
Oscillococcinum® 6 doses
by Boiron


Black Elderberry 1 oz
Black Elderberry 1 oz
by Gaia Herbs


Elderberry Zinc Herbalozenge 12 bags
Elderberry Zinc Herbalozenge 12 bags
by Zand Herbal


Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc 250 caps
Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc 250 caps
by Nature’s Way


Black Elderberry Alcohol-Free 1 oz
Black Elderberry Alcohol-Free 1 oz
by Herb Pharm


Sesame Oil (Organic) 36 fl oz
Sesame Oil (Organic) 36 fl oz
by Banyan Trading Co.


Ashwagandha/Bala Oil 1 qt
Ashwagandha/Bala Oil 1 qt
by Banyan Trading Co.


Kapha Massage Oil 12 oz
Kapha Massage Oil 12 oz
by Banyan Botanicals


Invincibile Immunity 10 ml
Invincibile Immunity 10 ml
by Amrita Aromatherapy


Peppermint (Organic) 10 ml
Peppermint (Organic) 10 ml
by Amrita Aromatherapy


Silver Hydrosol 10 ppm 4 oz
Silver Hydrosol 10 ppm 4 oz
by Sovereign Silver


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