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February Special: The Esogetics Color Face Mask & Gift Certificates available!

One of SchaOn’s favorite therapies to offer is the Esogetics Color Face Mask as it is very rejuvenating and relaxing for the entire person as each area of the face is a reflection for different areas of the body.

For example, the forehead touches areas of the brain: the red helps to increase the circulation and release stagnant thoughts, while yellow helping to drain and balance, and the blue helps to relax the mind.

We also work on reflex points for the spine via the nose in turquoise and touching aspects for the Large Intestines. Turquoise is a fantastic color that asks the question “What junk are you holding between your mind and body not allowing for your awesome beautiful soul to shine through?”. Additionally, we touch on the spine, as well as the all the reflexes of the body via the ears as well.

Other nice zones on the face are around the eyes, and the colors we utilize help to ask the questions “What emotions are clogging you up and not allowing you to see and enjoy the beauty around you and your ?” There is also the areas of Joy in the cheeks, the Zone of Power in front of the Ears and the Area of Will on the chin.

Through the month of February, we are offering this fantastic rejuvenating therapy for only $30 ($20 for Monthly Wellness Members). You can schedule online, or by giving us a call at (612) 217-4325.


If you’re looking for a last minute gift for that someone special, we do also offer Gift Certificates for all of our services:


*Gift Certificates are valid 5 years from the date of purchase!

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