Happy 8/8/2015

The number 8 = infinity

As humans, we look for patterns, and today we see a pattern repeating innately drawing us to question if there is a special meaning or importance. August 8, 2015 (2+0+1+5=8) shows up as 8, 8, 8… three 8’s.

The number 8

Eight is all about the infinite, the unending cycle, and often talked about with your unending ability to constantly manifest as we are constantly manifesting everything around us. The Good, the Bad, and the everything. People often associate 8 as the best number for prosperity, business, career and success as it can help you grow wealth… though in reality, it can help you grow everything. Today is screaming, “Pay attention to the 8!” Though, will you?

Realize, the entire month of August (8) is all about manifesting and preparing for the winter to come, pulling together what you have prepared in months 4, 5, 6 and 7 and getting ready for the harvest.

Manifestation Tip: Take the number of your address, for example 1553 Como Ave would be 1+5+5+3 = 1+4 = 5. What do you need to bring this to an 8? At this address, we find that the number and vibration of 3 will help to bring us to the infinite manifestation power of the 8. Tape this to your door to bring in this vibration.

Hidden numbers for today

The number 3

The very first “hidden” number that we notice in today that gives today some under currents is the number 3 as we see 3 – 8s repeating. The number three reminds us of the trinity; Mind, Body, Soul or Information, Matter, Energy; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; etc. This under current is asking us, “How can we continually grow our Spiritual purpose in the Physical while honoring our Soul’s path and passion. What can I manifest to help in my life path?”.

The number 6

The number 6 is also a very good number when it comes to manifesting as it is all about taking care and nurturing. We find this number when we take the 8×3 = 2+4 = 6, as well as when we take off first two numbers of the year leaving 1+5. It’s the most feminine number in numerology, and the spider in the animal totem helps to show us the way on this, reminding us to be receptive, to be creative and to weave the web of life. This under current in the numerology asks us, “How can I nurture this? What do I need to manifest, or what can I manifest to nurture my soul’s path within this life and time?”

Keep in mind, in 2015, there is the under current of how we can nurture.

The number 22

The tension that we are working on is the number 22 (a master number), as well as the number 4 (2+2). This number comes when you take today’s number as 8/8/15 (leaving off the 20). (8+8+1+5 = 22/4). The 22. The power of this number helps us to turn our lofty dreams into reality, and the 4 is all about bringing things into reality. While this number is also pushing you to what you feel may be impractical, or that you might not be worthy… today is the time to think big, act big… to really utilize the energy available. Keep in mind, 22 comes is made of of 2 – 2s. The 2 is all about duality; This or That, Conscious/Subconscious, Dreams vs Reality. The 4 is the 4 elements, bringing things into reality. This tension will make you confront “Am I worth having this?”… remember: YES You Are — so, “How can you see and receive it?”

The deeper meaning, as I see it today, of the 22 is asking us, “What aspects of duality do we embody that is making it hard for us to bring things into reality (4)?”


So, what do you need? Do you need 3 – 8s to supercharge your manifestation ability, do you need a 3 (seeing that’s the number between 2 and 4) helping you to call on the divine to show you the path, do you need nurturing through this process (6) as you need the strength? Do you have a lot of subconscious blockages telling you that you’re not worth it (22)? Today is your day and the Universe is giving you a LOT of tools for you to utilize, so seize it and make the best of it! How could it get any better than that?!


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