9/6/2015: Huathe (Hoo-Arth), or Hawthorn

Ogham Huathe

As we wind down and get ready for fall, Huathe helps offer its wisdom. Huathe helps bring in clearing and offers a different perspective on situations we’ve either tried to fix all summer or ignored completely. Well, Huathe isn’t letting you ignore those sticky situations anymore. Keeping in mind Huathe is a tree sacred to the Fae, some of those situations make become sticky in quite the literal sense. And of course with all things Fae, they are likely to change your perspective on everything. You didn’t really lose your keys; the Fae decided you needed to stay home and clean up your house instead. No, the toddler didn’t smear your keys in jelly so that it stuck to the table; the Fae did it so you would quit losing your keys.

Funny enough, André also pointed out that this sounds a lot like Mercury Retrograde and how it affects us. Both show us a situation we’re working on until we find a way to move through it by trial and error. Even sometimes situations we didn’t know existed until they nearly smack us in the head with the universal 2×4. Never fear! Huathe will help you get through. Let Huathe help clear you of old, stagnant, limiting energy that no longer serves you. Look at the situation again from the eyes of the tree (or Fae), then move forward.

Last, but not least, this post also brought up that Mercury Retrograde happens on September 17th. This is by no means a cause for panic. Ask Huathe to help you transition through these tough situations before Mercury Retrograde happens. Meditate and think of situations that revolve around communication because one of the main areas Mercury Retrograde helps us (yes, helps)  is by working through situations that involve a barrier of communication.

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