10/4/2015: Koad (Kode), or the Grove

10/4/2015: Koad (Kode), or the Grove 1

Have you made it through your labyrinth? Are you still in the middle of it? Koad is all about that sacred space this week. Whether or not you’ve made it completely through that labyrinth many have been stuck in, Koad is that nice breathing space before the next step. Beyond that, Koad is that space where you feel completely safe, honored, healed, loved, calm, and allows you to rejuvenate yourself.

If you’re feeling low, exhausted, like everything around you has fallen apart, emotionally drained, or just not sleeping well, cozy up with Koad. Find a space where you can reconnect with you. One of Becca’s favorite places to do so usually involves the couch, knitting, lots of blankets (blanket forts are amazing for all ages), warm beverages, a quick self-Reiki session, talk to a couple trees, and some sort of amazing movie. And, yes, probably chocolate.

How would it be possible to feel soothed, healed, loved, protected, and calm in your sacred space this week? How would it be possible to feel this way all the time?

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