Optimize Your Metabolism by Supporting Thyroid Function

[Article from Organic India] We know that metabolism is possibly the most important factor that determines the state of our wellness, energy and beauty. We also know the thyroid is vital in controlling metabolism. Therefore, supporting thyroid function is a key element in optimizing metabolism.Our Body/mind is in a Continual[...]

October is the time to Breath …and Healthy Tips for the Fall!

October is the time to Breath …and Healthy Tips for the Fall! In this update: Breath In, Breath Out: Why is this more important now and other tips for the season National Naturopathic Week: October 7 to 13th Organic India Formulas: Immunity, Bowelcare and Triphala Pre-Order Vitamin D: GoEnergetix Vitamin-D Pre-Order sale going on[...]

Happy Fall Equinox – What it means for the Lungs, Large Intestines & Skin…

We offer Esogetics & BodyTalk Access therapies in-office including: Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relays, Infra-Red, Induction, Crystals, I Ching, Dream, Karma & Bardo, Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, Tongue Analysis, Iridology, and more! (612) 217-HEAL / (612) 217-4325 Friend on Facebook Follow on Twitter Forward to a Friend Yesod Yesod / Foundation / Completion  : September is represented[...]

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