October is the time to Breath …and Healthy Tips for the Fall!

October is the time to Breath

…and Healthy Tips for the Fall!

In this update:October is the time to Breath ...and Healthy Tips for the Fall! 1

  • Breath In, Breath Out: Why is this more important now and other tips for the season
  • National Naturopathic Week: October 7 to 13th
  • Organic India Formulas: Immunity, Bowelcare and Triphala
  • Pre-Order Vitamin D: GoEnergetix Vitamin-D Pre-Order sale going on now!
  • Lunch Hour Group Sound & Mudra therapy: Join us each Wednesday
  • Therapy Highlight: Aggressive Zones – Great when you have Mild Constipation
  • Tea Highlight: Air Element tea, “Life on Wings” with Fennel, Cardamom & Orange
  • Local Business Highlight: Bliss Custom Baking
  • Sunday Appointments: Sunday’s now starting in October!
  • Upcoming Events: Upcoming events with Psinergy, Holistic Gateway & The Wellness Circle

We all know and have heard that meditation and the breath is important, though many of us have not stopped to find out why. The later part of the year, starting in the Fall season, we swing into the Lung/Colon and Vata time of the year.

In Ayurvedic Medicine, Vata deals with the elements of the Ether and the Air, and in Chinese Naturopathic Philosophy, it is the season of the Lung and Colon. Interestingly, these two correlate with each other very well, as a very powerful Marma point located at the end of the colon, Guda, is for reducing excess Vata. Additionally, in Esogetics, we see that when a person has an abundance of Air, that the nervous system is also affected, including things like muscle spasms, especially in the calves (though you can find it anywhere in the body), as well as issues with pH balance, and Kidney/Bladder strength.

Some tips for this season:

  • Ground. Sweet and Salty foods are your friends in doing this — Just make sure they are healthier sugars and salts! Sugars also help the cells produce vital energy, and salts help to balance the electrolytes.
  • Do a Breathing Meditation (focus on your breath for 10 to 20 minutes)
  • Make sure you have adequate intake of Magnesium (sesame seeds can help with this)
  • Do a Colon Cleanse with herbs or maybe a Basti… or both
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Senate Passes Naturopathic Medicine Week Resolution

Senate Passes Naturopathic Medicine Week ResolutionLast month the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution designating October 7 through 13 as Naturopathic Medicine Week.

The resolution recognizes the value of naturopathic medicine in providing “safe, effective and affordable health care” and encourages Americans to learn about the role of naturopathic physicians in preventing chronic and debilitating conditions.Continue reading article at Natural Awakenings – Twin Cities

Organic India Supplements for the Immune System & Digestion

October is the time to Breath ...and Healthy Tips for the Fall! 2As we talked about in the last newsletter, we are now in the Lung/Colon time of the year. With a majority of our immune system being impacted directly by our gut, it is important to make sure this is healthy and strong. There are 3 fantastic nutritional supplements from Organic India that could help during this season, so check them out:
The Immunity and Bowelcare formulas are both on sale right now through the end of the month, and all of them are GMO Free, Gluten-Free and vegan 🙂

Vitamin D3 Pre-Order Sale

October is the time to Breath ...and Healthy Tips for the Fall! 3

Liquid Vitamin D3 is an Energetix nutritional remedy that offers cholecalciferol in an easy to use liquid solution. Each 30 drops offers 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3. At the 30 drops/day, this will last you about 71 days. Other Ingredients: Vitamin E MTS-50, Sunflower Oil. Find out more information about Energetix Vitamin D3 Supplement.Normal Price: $21.00 plus tax

Pre-Order Price: $18.10 plus tax

To pre-order, email SchaOn, or give us a call at 612-217-4325. Pre-orders must be paid for by Tuesday, 10/15/2013 by 5 PM CST.

Lunch Hour Group Sound & Mudra therapy

October is the time to Breath ...and Healthy Tips for the Fall! 4In this 30 minute Group Sound Therapy with Mudra’s, each week we will feature a specific Esogetics Sound Therapy combined with a powerful mudra for relaxation, re-fueling up on Energy and rebooting the System to get over the mid-week slump.
We’re 8 minutes (1.9 miles) from Downtown Minneapolis, perfect for a stress releasing Lunch Hour!
**Feel free to bring a Yoga Mat, as well as lunch for yourself.**

Therapy Highlight

The Aggressive Zones therapy is a fantastic therapy to help strengthen the energy of the large intestine, helping to influence a nice gentle flush and cleansing of the intestinal lymph system.
Each point is located 2 fingerwidths diagonal from the center of the belly button.Full therapy information

Tea Highlight…

October is the time to Breath ...and Healthy Tips for the Fall! 5We now have some fantastic Ayurveda-based teas in our office specifically formulated for health of the Chakras or to help balance specific elements within the being.

Life on Wings is an Elemental Tea for Air ($5.49) and a fantastic tea for Autumn.
“The wind can be wild or mild. Thoughts can flow or slow. Our very breath is the source of life – the source of energy – the source of motion.
Ingredients: Fennel* (17%), ginger*, cinnamon*, cardamom* (10%), liquorice*, anise*, lemon grass*, hops*, orange peel* (3%), basil*, black pepper*, cloves*, fenugreek*, lavender flowers*, yarrow flower*. * = organic.

October Appointments

Sunday’s: 11 AM to 4 PM in MPLS
Monday’s: 4 to 8 PM in Lino Lakes
Wednesday’s: 10 AM to 10 PM in MPLS
Friday’s: 10 AM to 6 PM in MPLS

Bliss Custom Baking

Wheat-free & gluten-free desserts made with organic, all natural & local ingredients. Dairy-free options also available.

Bliss offers “Bliss of the Month Club”, Customized desserts, tasting parties & more…
October is the time to Breath ...and Healthy Tips for the Fall! 6

Upcoming Events

You’re Invited!
Thursday, Oct. 10th, 6:30 – 8 PM

Friday, Oct. 11th, 5 – 8 PM

Client Appreciation Wing-Ding at Lino Lakes (more info to come)

Monday’s starting Oct 14th,
7 – 9 PM

Simplicity Parenting class with Conradine Sanborn in Minneapolis

Thursday, Oct. 17th, 7 – 9 PM

Recurring Events:

Every Wednesday
Lunch Hour Group Sound & Mudra TherapyEvery Friday from 7-10 PM
October is the time to Breath ...and Healthy Tips for the Fall! 7
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