Optimize Your Metabolism by Supporting Thyroid Function

[Article from Organic India]
We know that metabolism is possibly the most important factor that determines the state of our wellness, energy and beauty. We also know the thyroid is vital in controlling metabolism. Therefore, supporting thyroid function is a key element in optimizing metabolism.Our Body/mind is in a Continual Process of Cooking

On the surface it may seem that the only “digesting” we do is after meals. However, every organ, tissue and cell in our body is “eating” its nourishment in a remarkably complex process of deep digestion. Our conscious awareness of “eating” may come and go but digestion is actually a full time job for our physiology at every level of our body mind, and includes the constant breaking down and building up of every structure within us, from our bones to our brains. This systemic fire of non-stop digestion at all levels has a name: Metabolism.

The Chef, the Stove, and the Flame

So if there is a digestive cooking process happening at all times in all places of our body, then who is the chef and where is the stove?

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