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We offer Esogetics & BodyTalk Access therapies in-office including: Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relays, Infra-Red, Induction, Crystals, I Ching, Dream, Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, Tongue Analsys, Iridology, and more!
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Hochma / Purification / Wisdom


Hochma / Purification / Wisdom : The month of February is represented by the 2nd sephira in the Tree of Life. Hochma is located on the left side of the head. Hochma talks about the Divine Masculine and is directly connected to Kether (the crown), and so Hochma is the gateway to the higher worlds. Hochma is the “Eye of Enlightenment”, originating the perceptions, feelings, sensations and observations from inside of us, and talks with us without words. Our “Individual Program” begins to play out within Hochma. Flashes of Insight, sudden images and intuition are brought forth thru the interplay between Kether and Hochma.

Meditate on this symbol for 5 minutes a day through the month of February to help release the blockages between you and the enlightenment of your own individual program. Alternately, you could also print off this symbol (make it about 2.5 inches) and place to the left of your head just above the ear for the 5 minutes with your eyes closed.

Tai - Advance

Tai – Advance

Tai / Advance is the 11th hexagram of the I Ching and represents the month of February within this system. According to the Chinese, it represents the 1st month of the Lunar Year. This hexagram tells us through an ancient symbolic knowledge within our being about a prosperous situation/country and peace of the people.

The upper gua is the symbol for Earth, the lower Heaven. Normally, we would not think of these postitions being correct (we normally think of Heaven above and Earth below); it is seen is as Heaven is coming down to meet with the Earth, and the Earth rising up to meet with Heaven. It carries the message that spring is coming to the Earth, and within that, Heaven and Earth bring peach and blessings to all living beings, a renewal of life and moving or advancing forward. From misfortune and hardships we find bliss, or Tai. We will find Tai through the union of the people and through their sincere and truthful communications as well as compassion. When this happens, harmony is found and things are achieved easily.

You can print out the image of Tai and stand on it for 10-minutes a day to help open up your Bliss.

February 2012 News

from Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness


This month of February:

  • Meditation… MRI scans show there are benefits
  • Hochma: enlightening your Individual Program
  • Tai: Prosperity & Peace, what this ancient text says
  • Free Love Day! February 9th :: 5 to 8 PM
  • Classes & Workshops Abound!
  • “On the Edge… of Everything!” with SchaOn & Cathy
  • Pricing Changes start February 1st
  • Love, revealed

Meditation… MRI Scans show there are benefits

In a very impressive news report from the BBC, they are showing that yes, managing stress, and even chronic pain, starts in your brain. Through the MRI, they show someone that has Lupus that has chronic pain is able to calm the pain thru the art of mindfulness meditation. This is a very impressive. Please take a moment to watch it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-16406814 

Free Love Day!

Free Love Day - Feb 9, 2012 from 5 to 8 PMStop in on February 9th to receive a free Love Disk therapy to help release the blockages that are holding you back from UnConditional Love for Oneself 🙂 These are very awesome therapies to help relax and soothe the mind, body and spirit, and help to instill a deep sense of peace within the individual. Please let your friends & family know, and invite them to come! Free sessions are from 5 PM to 8 PM on Thursday, February 9th. Register for the Free Love Day 

Classes & Workshops Abound!

One of the biggest things with Esogetics therapies is we work on educating our clients on therapies that they can do on themselves and their loved ones. We do this through a combination of one-on-one instruction at the end of sessions on the specific therapies to use at home, as well as through classes/workshops that can be used when things change between appointments.
  • “What is Esogetics?”
    Learn briefly about the wide depth of what is Esogetics and what it encompasses. You will learn about 9 of the main modalities within Esogetics, about the Esogetics Model, what the  16 colors are used for. You will even have the opportunity to experience one of the Audio Therapies as well as one of the new I Ching therapies!
    -Length: 3 Hours
    -Cost: $20
    -Class Size: 10
    -at Psinergy: Wednesday, February 22nd @ 7 PM, Thursday, March 29th @ 7 PM :: Register
    -at Magus Books & Herbs: Saturday, February 25th @ 1 PM :: Register
  • Colorpuncture for Sleep Balance
    Sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to our health. Having a harder time falling asleep, waking up, or not dreaming can lead to very serious concerns. In this class, learn some very simple ways of balancing your circadian rhythms to help optimize your sleep.
    -Length: 2 Hours
    -Cost: $30
    -Class Size: 10
    -at Psinergy: Thursday, March 8th @ 7 PM ::Register
  • Colorpuncture for Pain
    This class is specifically geared for my clients who have chronic pain, or have family or friends that have chronic pain. Colorpuncture often times can be very beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic and acute pains. Learn some fast & simple therapies that could help keep you pain free! Learn 5 basic therapies that could be used for; Spine Pain & Tension, Hip, Knee & Neck Pain, Arthritis, Emotional Pain.
    -Length: 2 Hours
    -Cost: $30
    -Class Size: 10
    -at Psinergy: Wednesday, March 21st @ 7 PM ::Register
  • Natural Therapies for Allergies
    Allergies are one of the most problematic and frusterating things we go through as they affect our entire being by making us exhausted, irritable, hard to breath, and more. In this class, gain tools to help fight this and bring your body back into balance!
    -Lenth: 2 Hours
    -Cost: $30
    -Class Size: 10
    -at Psinergy: Thursday, April 5th @ 7 PM, Wednesday, May 9th @ 7 PM :: Register
    -at Magus Books & Herbs: Thursday, April 26th @ 7 PM :: Register
February Natural Wellness News from Psinergy 4

Pricing Changes

Starting February 2012, our pricing will be going up slightly.

• 1-hour sessions will be going to $65,
• 90-minute sessions to $90, and
• 30-minute sessions will stay at $40.

Love, Revealed

Love, revealed

This month’s Edge Magazine talks about what else… but Love, and the various ways that it is revealed. Check it out for uplifting articles and more! Read the Digital Edge or “Like” them on Facebook to get daily inspirational articles, updates on Natural Wellness and more!

On the Edge... of Everything!

On the Edge… of Everything!

with SchaOn & Cathy

Join SchaOn and Cathy as well as a Special Guest the 2nd Sunday of each month from 11 AM to 1 PM CST as we talk about the latest news and updates in Holistic Healthcare, review of Products & Services for your Health & Well-being of the Mind Body and Soul, vitamins & minerals, talk about Conspiracies, or maybe even talk about UFO’s, crystal skulls & more!
You won’t know exactly what we’re going to be talk about during the 2 hours till you tune in. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or some hemp/almond milk, ask us questions live in the chat room, or even call us live on air to ask us questions and join in on the fun! Listen Live & Chat
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Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul offers affordable computer repair services. Check them out today at http://tech.psinergy.info or call (612) 234-7237. Also, please take a moment to “Like” them on Facebook to get information on security updates, tech humor and more!

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