Moving… yes… again.

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André and SchaOn are VERY happy to announce that we will be moving BOTH the Greener Computer Repair side and Holistic Health sides of our businesses on May 1st!

This will help to better streamline both sides of our business as well as giving us a LOT more space (2,000 square feet to be exact!).

The New Address… or should we say addresses (this location offers 2) are:

  • 1553 Como Ave, St Paul, and
  • 1543 Como Ave. Ste. 104, St Paul
The kewlest part, at least for me, is the numerological and elemental (Feng Shui) aspects of this property. In the Numerology sense, 1553 Como converts to a 33/6 number, which is one of the Master Numbers in Numerology… and happens to be a number in both SchaOn’s Birth and New Name charts. The 1543 Como at Ste 104 also converts to the very nice number of 1. The number 1 is a leader and has a drive while also talking about focus, being a self-starter, progressive, and courageous. In Astrology, the 1 associates with the planet of Mercury, which is all about Communication and the border of the conscious and subconscious, and in the tarot, The Magician.
In Feng Shui, we have all the great towers, or elements in the proper directions. To the East we find Como Park and the element of Wood, to the South we find many fantastic restaurants, great for the digestive fire or Agni, as well as our parking lot which helps to hold the energy of the sun – the greatest symbolism of fire. To the West we find the element of Metal… the State Fair Grounds, and just to the North, a massive Water Tower.

Who are our new neighbors?

We are very excited that in this neighborhood there are some very awesome businesses. One of the most famous is Nelson Cheese and Deli, offering some very delicious food and cheese from Wisconsin Farmers. Also, the neighborhood offers Yoga at Bliss Yoga, and Tattoos (or removal) at Beloved Studios. There is also the new restaurant, Cafe 99 which André and SchaOn are excited to try soon, as well as the neighborhood grocery store that has been there for many years, Shanghai Market.

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