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Tuesday Tip: Celery reduces Water and Increases Attraction

Celery is a favorite addition to many summer time meals, and it makes a lot of sense. Celery is considered Cold in Ayurvedic Medicine, as well as Astringent, Sweet, Salty and Pungent. It helps to reduce Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Earth & Water), though does increase Vata (Air & Ether).Celery helps to clear the mind somewhat similarly to Brahmi (Gota Kola) and is great for dizziness, headaches, and regulates the nervous system.While clearing the mind, it also is good for the perception of things around you and really nice before meditation. Celery also helps to remove carbon dioxide, is great for Hot or Stiff (Pitta & Kapha) arthritis. It is also beneficial for the adrenals, weight reduction, urogenital infections, water retention, lowers blood pressure as well as cleanses the blood and is good for the liver as well, and the blood and liver often are where a lot of heat gets stuck for many people – remember the old saying “I’m so angry my blood is boiling!”.

Now the seeds and roots, which are considered Hot and not as beneficial in the hot summer months, can also be helpful with dissolving stones, and helping with issues of arthritis and gout.

Additionally, Celery has also been shown to help the body produce more pheromones, so if it’s a date night with that someone special, or trying to attract a mate – take a few bites of celery before heading out.

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It’s going to be HOT and HUMID today… remember Strawberries help to reduce Pitta (Heat) in the body.Additionally, for outdoor seating… try Auromere’s Lavender Incense sticks. Lavender is GREAT to keep the bugs away!

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